Sunday Q&A: June 30th

Questions by not-so-anonymous Instagram users. Answers by Jason Vincent.

Our Instagram Sunday Q&A is a weekly—or semiweekly depending on JV’s mood that day—chance for you to interact with our team directly. Ask whatever you like, insult us if you please, just don’t go crying about it when JV puts you in your place.

For those of you who are not completely inept, your answers will be swift and educational, leading you to knowledge akin to that of the ancient philosophers who helped drive our species from the Stone Age to modernity. That last part may not be true, but we sure as hell will give you our opinion and help you with whatever problems need solving.

We decided to post these Q&As here so those who had something better to do than look at Instagram on a Sunday afternoon or are dedicated to their craft and actually work Monday morning, can revel in the glory and enjoy some much-needed humor, quality product recommendations, and possible links to Schoby’s Onlyfans page.

*If you are assigned laps, these are not optional—all laps are mandatory and need to be filmed and sent to the Field Ethos Instagram account upon completion. Lap distance is arbitrary, only you know the full weight of your stupidity. Go the distance that feels right.


Q: Is Hawk Tuah the new Let’s Go Brandon? A joke we won’t let die.

A: To be clear, let’s go Brandon chants were never funny. Conservatives just love to beat things to death.

If you want to say fuck Joe Biden, just say it.

The Hawk Tuah girl is selling hats. Hopefully she makes enough money to fund her own Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for a few years until this blows over a bit.

Q: Torn between a Savage 110 and a Ruger. Thoughts?

A: Don’t spend much time deciding between such basic rifles.

They both work fine. If you spend $400-$700 on a brand-new rifle from a reputable company these days you should have zero problem killing inside 300yds.

Q: Hellion or Tavor?

A: Tavor without question.

Q: What do you guys think about the, um…you know the thing?

A: The most shocking part about the thing was the amount of people surprised by the state of the person.

A: We’ll have some news here soon on private instruction in these areas.

Q: Best thermal scope sub $3,500? 0-500 yard range.

A: A Q-Beam from Ace Hardware.

Q: Holster recommendations for edc?

A: Black Point Tactical

Q: What optic for the Recce Rifle?

A: Favorite optic of this type is the Eotech Vudu 1-10x.

Q: Winchester M70 Alaskan vs Safari? Also, got to check out the G&H Adventure rifle. A++

A: Have both. Prefer the barrel length of the Safari but the contour of the Alaskan.

So the .375 H&H Alaskan is being customized. The barrel is being cut to 20 inches. Front sight relocated. Rear sight replaced. Barrel band sling stud added. McMillan stock. Full Cerakote barreled action.

Basically a much cheaper version of the adventure rifle. When it’s done, we’ll test it and see if the price makes it a good choice to produce as a FE rifle.

Q: Two or Three things you wish you knew before your first African Safari?

A: I’d send an advance manual to the outfitter for properly icing a beer cooler.

I’d have them source many cases of cheap champagne.

I’d practice shooting off sticks.

Q: Will a .300 Win. Mag. Be sufficient for an African plains game safari? Kudu being the biggest.

A: It’s sufficient for everything in Africa, but there are laws in areas that require bigger.

Q: Laser bore sights? Legit?

A: Don’t waste your money. Pull the bolt and look down the barrel.

Q: Best food to plant for Florida dove plot?

A: It’s Florida. Your game wardens are wrestling alligators and pythons in meth trailers, so you can probably just throw sunflower seeds on the ground.

But don’t do that. Plant sorghum or millet. If watermelons grow well in your area, plant those, too.

Q: 60 seconds Hellcat Pro Comp?

A: Haven’t shot one but having shot and carried a Hellcat Pro a lot over the last few years, it’s got to be one of the best CCW options out there.

We’ll test one when Springfield Armory forgives us for creating a frenzy over the .300 Win. Mag. Waypoint.

Q: Recommendation for rangefinding binos for bowhunting?

A: Some rangefinding binos won’t read at close range actually. Get a stand-alone rangefinder and some good binos from Leica or Swarovski.

Q: Jr. is my future father-in-law and there’s no point in getting mad and trying to hunt me down.

A: I don’t think you realize how many badass “uncles” there would be in that scenario.

Move along.

Q: Why are zebras such assholes?

A: You’d be an asshole too if everyone who came across you thought you’d be better off as a rug in their house.

Q: One suppressor for an AR and hunting? Up to .350 preferably.

A: Just got the Rugged Suppressors Alaskan360Ti and it’s incredible. Weighs nothing.

Editor’s Note: An unsolicited picture to interrupt or regularly scheduled programming. Jason’s great at multitasking.

Current Sunday Q&A view.

Rugged Suppressors, Unpossible by Q, Yank Hill Machine Co., Steyr Arms .300 BLK barrel. And a pickleball set.

Q: Thoughts on the Montana Knife Company collab with MeatEater?

A: You came here trying to stir up shit, but you’re a fanboy of theirs.

Josh (MKC owner) is a great dude. He does a lot behind the scenes to help people and he and Don have worked together to promote the America First agenda. That’s very cool.

We had discussions about working with them right about the same time we started talking to Hogue. We decided to move forward with Hogue based on their quality, American manufacturing and ability to rapidly prototype collabs. We’ve been really impressed by Hogue since day one.

MKC was likely already working on the MeatEater knives, so we made the right decision for sure. For us, partnering with a company is about way more than just social media reach.

Go check out Hogue Hunting.

Q: Have plenty of semi-auto handguns…looking for a revolver recommendation, if any?

A: If you want premium look at Korth Revolvers on the Nighthawk Custom website. If you want great quality at a lower price, look at the Taurus Executive Grade guns.

Q: Not a question. Hope all is well, and y’all are having a good summer so far!

A: Watching the kids and their cousins swim and eat watermelon right now.

Perfect summer Sunday.

Q: What’s the most fun firearm you’ve shot?

A: Favorite gun to shoot is the automatic MP5.

Q: Thoughts on the SIG p365 AXG Legion?

A: They’re very nice, but why are we trying to make CCW guns heavier now?

Q: Any advice for a first-time father?

A: Plan for your child’s eternity.

Q: Best tasting meat from all your African adventures?

A: Eland tenderloin is hard to beat.

Q: Do you prefer semi-auto or pump 12 gauge for a home defense option?

A: I prefer a short-barreled AR-15 with a silencer, a light, and a red-dot optic.

Q: 30-06 recs?

A: Winchester Model 70 Super Grade.

Q: Young boys should own a dirtbike.

A: My seven- and ten-year-olds will be crashing theirs sometime later this afternoon.

Yamaha TT-R50E and TT-R110E.

Q: Why are Pete’s 60 Second Reviews so Legendary? Zero fucks given. My kind of guy…

A: Pete is actually like that from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to bed. Zero hamming it up for the camera. @petercorreale

Q: How do you feel about the Springfield SA-35?

A: Love it.

Q: Scope recommendation for .300 Win. Mag. R8?

A: Leupold Mark 5 3.6-18X

Q: Recommended long-range rifle $2,000 and under?

A: Browning X-Bolt 2 in .300 PRC

Q: How’s the 5.56 Honey Badger? Looking for more reviews on it before I buy.

A: It’s awesome. I have the SBR version, and it’s definitely a favorite.

Q: About to have dinner with Eric Trump. Any out of pocket remarks you want me to make?

A: Ask him about Don kissing the dolphin.

Editor’s Note: We like to make fun of people, even Don.

Q: Jim Green African Rangers good to go? Barefoot or Original?

A: Both are solid.

Q: Is it time to awaken the Gimp if I haven’t received the new volume yet?

A: Yes.

Editor’s Note: We don’t apologize for The Gimp’s behavior. Send correspondence at your own risk.

Q: How bitchy are mosquitoes and bugs on safaris?

A: All depends. Tsetse flies wore me out last year in Mozambique. This year in Mozambique, not a single bite.

There are areas and times when they’re much worse than others.

Q: Best starter Rolex? Looking at No-Date Submariner or Explorer currently.

A: Submariner.

Q: 18 heading to SA next week for a two-week hunt, anything special?

A: Don’t come home without a kudu. Bushbuck is the second favorite in SA.

Q: Thoughts on 6.5 Creedmoor as a hunting round?

A: It’s the only hunting round you should looking at during pride month.

Q: My mom didn’t mention your DM. Better luck next time! Haha.

A: We didn’t mention what she sent back.

Editor’s note: He’s back for more. Act accordingly. Check out last week’s Q&A for the full story.

Q: China invades tomorrow. Which state will be the surprise dark horse to pink mist commies?

A: I think you’d see big numbers from Idaho and Tennessee. Those sleepers stay out of the news on purpose.

Q: Recommendation for a bolt-action, suppressor-ready .300 BLK for a good truck gun?

A: Q Mini fix.

Q: Any recommendations on electronic ear pro?

A: We all use the electronic muffs from Walker’s.

Q: Any good carry-on size duffels?

A: Kuiu Waypoint. Comes in three sizes.

Q: Looking to purchase a 10mm, what’s your favorite?

A: Glock so far.

Q: I live in a straight-wall state, any hunting rifle recommendations?

A: Buy a .300 Win. Mag. And have it sent to an FFL in Texas where you’ve found a new house.


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