Recce Rifle

By Jason Vincent

A recce rifle has never really been defined, so we decided to have a recce team leader from DEVGRU define it by designing his ideal recce rifle for do-it-all missions.

Terry Houin is a big deal in small circles. Mention his name around pretty much any Navy SEAL and they know who he is, even if they’ve never met him. He was a sniper and recce team leader with DEVGRU (aka SEAL Team 6) and he was the lead sniper on the Captain Phillips mission. They made a movie about that one.

Terry has never written a book, and unfortunately most of his stories will die with him, but he did admit to seeing a Taliban midget while on a mission—a sighting so rare it tells you how much time he spent deploying to combat zones in order to check that one off the list. We think this deserves its own movie. Talimidget? Midgahideen?

Back to the rifle. A recce rifle is basically a Swiss Army Knife platform set up to handle long-range shots and up-close work, should the need arise. To build this rifle, Terry worked with Sons of Liberty Gun Works in Texas. They’re known for producing some of the best AR-15 rifles out there and they were already in development stages on their new Broadsword upper and lower. They didn’t reinvent the wheel, they just made it stronger, more accurate and more ergonomic by increasing the distance between the pistol grip and the TriggerTech trigger that comes in each Recce Rifle

Sons of Liberty is guaranteeing these rifles to shoot sub-MOA at 100yds. That’s a bold claim on an AR-15 platform, but we’re confident too. We think this rifle is the perfect realization of the recce concept. $2400

“Show us the rifle, Terry.”

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