Sunday Q&A: Enter If You So Dare

Questions by not-so-anonymous Instagram users: Answers by Jason Vincent

Our Instagram Sunday Q&A is a weekly—or semiweekly depending on JV’s mood that day—chance for you to interact with our team directly. Ask whatever you like, insult us if you so please, just don’t go crying about it when JV puts you in your place.

For those of you who are not completely inept, your answers will be swift and educational, leading you to knowledge akin to that of the ancient philosophers who helped drive our species from the Stone Age to modernity. That last part may not be true, but we sure as hell will give you our opinion and help you with whatever problems need solving.

We decided to post these Q&As here so those who had something better to do than look at Instagram on a Sunday afternoon or are dedicated to their craft and actually work Monday morning, can revel in the glory and enjoy some much-needed humor, quality product recommendations, and possible links to Schoby’s Onlyfans page.

*If you are assigned laps, these are not optional—all laps are mandatory and need to be filmed and sent to the Field Ethos instagram account upon completion. Lap distance is arbitrary, only you know the full weight of your stupidity. Go the distance that feels right.


Q: How long until you guys crawfish back to Kimber? I.e. Taurus & Christensen.

A: We published an article about this, but reading is hard. We’ve been honest about both brands since the beginning. If Kimber starts making good products, we’ll let you know.


And tell your mom to check her DM’s. She’s pure smoke for a young grandma. Seriously.

EDITOR’S NOTE: JV doesn’t take shit. Act like an adult, or he will message your mom.

Q: Good advice for a young fella?

A: Spend some time listening to old fellas. The majority of your generation is a disgrace so it will be easy to stand out if you learn how to properly communicate, work hard, do the unpopular thing and shame liberal ideology.

Q: Does FE take submissions or do you ever have solicitations?

A: We take submissions via the website.

Q: Thoughts on a Cooper Arms .22?

A: Cooper made great rifles—especially their small caliber stuff. Nighthawk Custom bought the brand and is working on bringing them back to market. They’ll likely be better than ever.

Q: What should a young man be looking for in a spouse, in your opinion?

A: Find a woman that rarely posts a selfie on Instagram, has a strong work ethic, promises to never get lip injections, looks good in yoga pants, manages her money well, and has a family you want to be around for the rest of your life.

That last part is super important. You’re marrying her family too.

Q: Best starter rifle?

A: A CZ .22 LR bolt action is hard to beat.

Q: Is there a FE x Q collaboration Fix rifle coming out soonish?

A: Yes. Should have a prototype soon. Right @datboijayp?

Q: How fucked are we?

A: “Nothing is fucked. They’re a bunch of fucking amateurs!” Walter Sobchak.

Q: Cell/trail cams you’ve tried, and results?

A: We all use Stealth Cam and they work great.

Q: On a budget, Ruger American Gen 2 or Browning X-Bolt 2?

A: Browning X-Bolt 2 and it’s not even close. The Ruger is solid but there’s a big gap between the two.

Q: 100% recommend the Protekt Hydration packets for summer in the South. Stuff works!

A: Good stuff. Works great on hangovers. Try the sleep if you have trouble sleeping. You’ll start to like your bizarre dreams.

Q: Are more podcasts coming?

A: Yes. Also, headed up to Q at the end of July to do a podcast and promote the new FE x Q collab that will be ready by then, right @datboijayp?

Q: Trigger upgrade for Ruger MK4 22/45?

A: Volquartsen’s trigger is the best trigger upgrade for the Rugers. It’s one the best handgun triggers ever made for any platform.

Or just buy one of their pistols with the trigger already in it.

Q: Qatar Airline to Africa—any experience with them?

A: Nope, but have heard great things about their first class.

Q: Should I have my labrador who passed engraved on my Rigby .500.

A: I’d get a tramp stamp tattoo of the dog on my lower back before engraving it on a Rigby .500.

There are a million better way to immortalize that dog. Get some art from @jamie_wildart instead.

Q: What caliber for a Krieghoff double rifle with Africa in mind?

A: .470 or .500

Q: Proof stainless barrel. Break in or just shoot the damn thing?

A: Just the shoot the thing. Modern barrels need no break in.

Q: Just got promoted to CFO and want to get a watch or gun to commemorate it, suggestions?

A: Get a Rolex or a Rigby Highland Stalker. Both are great.

Q: What’s your preferred concealed carry position?


Q: When do we get to see the FE & Rigby .416?

A: When we get them. Should be soon. They’re going to be amazing. Sacrifice whatever is necessary. College is just a liberal factory for your kids to spend that fund for your Rigby. Never take your kids to Disney and spend that on the Rigby. Ask your wife to get a job and get a Rigby. Start an Onlyfans like Schoby and get a Rigby.

The Rigby Rogue will be worth it.

Q: Listened to the gospel and bought a TX22, the gospel was correct.

A: See! That dickhead from the first question has no clue. Taurus’ TX22 is THE .22 to buy if you’re not going to spend the money for a Volquartsen.

Q: How should I get my fiancé into shooting and hunting? Want him to love it, but he has no interest.

A: I’ve told you before, that dude should not be your fiancé. He chooses to play video games as an adult over shooting/hunting.

You’re wasting the best years of our lives…I mean your life.

Q: Take my grandpa’s 1923 Winchester 1895 in .405 Win. Or a .416 Rigby for first buff hunt?

A: Take the 1895 for plains game with iron sights and the Rigby for buffalo. That’s a classy 2-gun battery.

Q: Best sub-1000-dollar .300 Blackout for whitetail within 250 yards.

A: The kids and I have been shooting the CZ 600 TA1 in .300 BLK and it’s great. Threaded barrel, collapsible stock and M-LOK forend.

Q: Favorite cigs?

A: Davidoff Gold

Q: Fly-in Canada fishing trip in August. Can an Uncharted Vault duffel work as a carry-on?

A: Too big. Get the Kuiu Waypoint.

Q: No question. Stop texting your magazine subscribers. 90% of us didn’t sign up for that.

A: How the fuck do you know what 90% of our subscribers signed up for? You opted in via purchase. Just text stop like a normal person instead of being a bitch about it.

Actually, unsubscribe or I’ll unsubscribe you. We don’t want pussies reading our magazine.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Act accordingly. Don’t be a pussy like this guy.

Q: Any experience taint carrying a Derringer for EDC? Holsters or bareback suggestions?

A: America is still the greatest country on earth.

Q: Have another elk hunt lined up, just nabbed an X-Bolt 2 .300 Win. Mag., what glass should I throw on it?

A: Favorites for .300 Win. Mag. are:

Leupold MK5 3-18
Eotech Vudu 5-25
Leupold VX-6 3-18

Q: What advice do you have for Canadians who have the Field Ethos ideals?

A: Break the law.

Q: 5th kid will her late August early September, are my wife and I crazy?

A: Our first and third were unplanned. We love them all equally. That’s the best I got.

Also, Don has 5 and finds a way to spend time with all of them so you should be fine.

Q: Waypoint 2020 in 6.5 PRC. Steel or carbon barrel? Mainly deer hunting.

A: Our FE guns are all carbon and they’re all shooters.

Q: How much is an average Cape buffalo hunt?

A: For a true Cape buffalo adventure in rough country, you need to plan on spending at least $20K.

Q: You start a new collection. What is it of, and what three things are you getting first.

A: Pre-war Winchester M70s from

Q: Have both colors of FE shorts. They rock. Can you make them in Zaire Leopard?

A: Working on that for V2. Thanks for the support!

Q: How do we get you guys to send subscribers more texts? Send us Schoby OF links.

A: If you want real entertainment maybe we can just send you the keywords in Dave’s last 200 pornhub searches.

But seriously, we don’t text often.

That guy has been banished though.

Q: When should I start worrying that the postal service lost my magazine (again)?

A: You started your journey here by asking your fiancé for permission to buy an Omega watch. We put you on multiple restrictions from our brand and you’ve slowly gotten better each time. It’s actually been a while since you’ve done something really dumb and told us about it. You’re growing, and we’re a big part of that.

She probably likes the old you more and started throwing away your magazine.

Q: Life advice for a 25 year old?

A: If you don’t like getting texts about cool shit, just reply “stop.”

Q: Is fly fishing a worthy use of my time?

A: Totally. Probably a better use of your time to start a podcast about LGBTQ urban gardening, though.

Q: Best starter assault rifle?

A: Stag Arms base M4 is a very well built and upgradable rifle to start with.

Q: Should we pig hunt in the recce flips?

A: They’re hunting flipflops, so yes.

Q: Thoughts on Timex watches as entry level?

A: The Timex Ironman and the Casio G Shock are both awesome watches.

Q: What bourbon are y’all sipping on these days? Chicken Cock is solid, anything new?

A: Chicken Cock is a staple bourbon.

Had a sip of Hemingway Whiskey Rye in Africa and it was VERY good. Try it if you like rye.

Q: Love the rhodie shorts but can we get them with man-sized belt loops?

A: You’re the first person that’s mentioned this, but I noticed it, too. We’ll have multiple improvements on V2.

Q: In addition to the value-adding texts, how do I enroll in your pre-recorded telemarketing calls?

A: We’ve gotten a lot of messages this evening from people that want the texts.

I’ll figure out how to post a text signup link and will write a real nice welcome for your first text for those who sign up.

Q: How are you gents spending the 4th of July?

A: Colin and I are taking my 10-year-old and his 8-year-old fishing in Alaska with Steamboat Bay.

Q: Thoughts on using lower-recoil rounds for hunting all game up to elk? 6.5mm, .25 calibers, etc.

A: You should let us know if you do this. Be sure to send us your full name so we can unsubscribe you too.

Buy a magnum. Eat the recoil. Be a man.


Keep an eye on our Instagram stories each Sunday for a chance to participate and, most likely, be humiliated by our fearless leader for being a pussy because you asked about our subscriber text messages.

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