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The Dark ‘n Stormy Will Set You Free

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I don’t care what anyone tells you, the Dark n’ Stormy is from Bermuda and it has to be made with Gosling’s Black Rum and Gosling’s Ginger Beer for it to be true to form. Just to make sure the recipe was safe to recommend, I tested around a hundred of them on several trips “in-country” which is even more valiant when you realize I had to very drunkenly operate a moped to make that happen. But I did it for you. You’re welcome.

The drink could not be easier to make:

Load a highball with ice. Pour in a generous amount of ginger beer, follow it lovingly with black rum and then add a fresh squeeze of lime with a lime slice to garnish. Drink up and don’t ride a moped…unless you stay on grass and you go relatively slow. It’s more fun than it sounds.

By Jason Vincent

Jason is a former Game Warden turned outdoor journalist and Editor for Sporting Classics Magazine. On Jason's third trip to Africa he shot a cape buffalo before a helicopter flew in a bottle of champagne for he and his friends to celebrate. It's a moment he's never gotten over.

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  1. Avatar

    Dark n’ Stormy…my favorite!!! I agree 100% on the Gosling’s Black Rum, but their ginger beer can be difficult to impossible to find. I’ve found Bundaberg to be a very reasonable alternative and more readily available. Hell, it’s five o’clock somewhere, isn’t it?

    • Jason Vincent

      I usually find Gosling’s ginger beer at the larger liquor retailers. Keep searching and buy in bulk when you find it. Your sub conscience knows the difference.

  2. Avatar

    Infidel! There is but one ginger beer, and Barritt’s is it’s name. Otherwise, spot-on.


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