Springfield Hellcat Pro OSP Review


By Jeff Johnston

Who knows, in another year I might be carrying something else, but for right now I believe Springfield’s Hellcat Pro is the ultimate gun for concealed-carry for two main reasons:

  1. At 20 ounces unloaded, with a 3.7-inch barrel, 15-round mag and a great grip in terms of both angle and grippiness, it’s the best compromise of shootability vs. concealability I’ve experienced to date. It’s the do-all blaster I can comfortably carry appendix-style or at the 5 o’clock position all day long, yet it’s also one that I can actually shoot effectively on the range. 
  2. It’s got all the latest features I demand in a carry gun, such as a cutout for an optic (the OSP designation), a light rail, loaded chamber indicator, steel night sights, and more.

If you care to read my full review on the original Hellcat Pro, click here. The only thing that’s changed for 2023 is that it’s now available in what Springfield calls Desert FDE tan. 

Does tan matter? Try strutting onto a beach in Malibu or Miami and attempting to get laid if you’re whale belly white. But tan on a gun? I tested it, and I can say with absolute certainty that getting laid is equally challenging with a tan gun or a black one. So choose the one that looks better to you. Around $600

Pros: Arguably the best balance of shootability and concealability going. 

Cons: 7-lb. trigger could be better.

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