Small Business for Christmas

Small Business for Christmas

By FE Staff

Do I need a belt made from the hide of a man-eating crocodile? Perhaps a bourbon flask to match? No doubt the James-Bond-black, reptilian belt would go best with the shoulder holster that matches my tux. But the brown flask is waaay more appropriate for church. Brown it is.

If you’ve never had a conversation like this with yourself, then maybe Field Ethos just isn’t your crowd. No big deal.

But we like to roll onto a scene and make a statement, so we need stuff that not every hombre has … you know, things you can’t get on Amazon; things you’ll never receive from your wife unless by some fortuitous miracle she reads these very words. Doubtful at best, and that’s why we’re not shy to skip the middleman and just buy cool shit for ourselves.

To that end, African Sporting Creations is a small business we love to support. Its owner, Jim Morano, happens to be our friend, and Jim happens to make, import and sell stuff that dudes naturally covet. ASC has loads of items you’ll think you need and probably don’t but should buy anyway. 

Hell, even if you decide not to get something sweet for yourself, remember that gift-giving goes both ways. (And if you can name more than three friends that wouldn’t love an Arno Bernard custom knife, then you’ve got to question your choice in amigos.) Seriously though, there’s plenty at ASC that any woman with an even ounce of sport in her will fancy.

My old man once told my uncle, “Christmas isn’t about the presents. It’s about who spent the most money.”  Yea, well, my old man also drank a lot. But at any rate, here are a few specials ASC is running as Black Friday nears. You might, uh, send your woman this link and hope for a Christmas miracle.

Friday Nov 26-Free shipping within the continental USA on all Cartridge Boards.

Saturday Nov 27-Save 10% on all Espresso Crocodile accessories (hornback belt, wallet, sleek credit card carrier, hip flask, and magnetic money clip).

Sunday Nov 28-50% off Wiley X Romer 3 Shooting Glasses or Galco Double Rifle Six Pack Ammo Carriers.


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