I bought the Boat

I Bought the Boat

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I lost my job in early 2009.

As an outdoorsman, adventurer, and a provider (of meals to single women) I was abruptly confronted with the looming prospect of a major change in my life. Who would take Julie out to dinner if not I?  Was it wise to dip into my equity line to fund my hunting trips? Should I buy a boat? These were the questions that plagued the naive 28-yr-old version of me, dancing madly on the very cusp of a world-changing recession.

After much thought I realized the answers were: “Someone else,” “Of course!” and “Yes!”

Not long after that, Julie realized it too.

I bought the boat.

Unburdened by my $800-a-month brunette habit, I blossomed. I grew my hair out. I began to devote to fishing the focus and concentration it deserves. I got into Weatherby rifles. I pursued relationships with unwashed, disreputable men from all walks of life. I drank too much, slept too little (often outside), and generally covered myself in glory. I forgot about women almost entirely. 

During this tumultuous time of my life I forged new friendships that have and will continue to sustain me for a lifetime. I lost a few friends too, I guess. I weep little for the chaff.

It was at this time that somehow, miraculously, I met my wife and we laid the groundwork for the incredibly exciting family we began just a few years later. I even took my first few haltering footsteps down the very interesting career path that led me here. So, as I sit at my desk contemplating the sudden, abrupt shift in our lives the last few weeks have brought and I fight the overwhelming sense of 2009 deja vu that plagues me – I am encouraged. I’ve been here before! 

I picked my way through the wreckage of that time almost totally alone. Now I face uncertainty again, but this time with a leggy blonde to remind me to take out the trash, three kids running around underfoot making constant demands . . . and nothing on the horizon.

I assume that’s what “opportunity” looks like.

In the meantime: I fish. 

And I can do that because, last time, I bought the boat. 

By Jimmy Ewing

Jimmy Ewing is an Atlanta based investment banker and lifelong avid outdoorsman. He taught himself how to elk hunt using llamas, he refuses to learn how to call a duck, he can call a turkey in from a mile away only to have it hang up at 80 yards and he'll shoot a bearded hen on purpose. Few can write a more entertaining southern sporting story

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    You were correct. That was the best read this week so far! I relate…

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    This is GREAT! Hope all is well Jimmy.

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    Great writing. EXCELLENT moral.


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