The Griffin & Howe All American Rifle

By Don Trump Jr.

Some hunts just require a beautiful rifle. 

The problem is while a lot of beautiful rifles exist on short order, not many shoot accurately or function flawlessly when needed in the field. Think of them as finicky sports cars.

I have plenty of beautiful 2 to 3 MOA rifles and I have plenty of utilitarian half-minute hammers, but I’ve never really seen the melding of the two done perfectly…until I was able to shoot the Griffin & Howe All American Rifle

This rifle combines the finest hand-shaped walnut stocks inletted for a custom CRF Mausingfield action with a Proof Research carbon fiber barrel. It’s literally the perfect mix of old-world craftsmanship and modern technology. 

The stock looks like it could have been on safari 100 years ago -all the way down to the way they inlay a customer’s initials and skeletonize the steel butt plate.

Modern optics and the carbon fiber barrel do somewhat distinguish this rifle from the vintage favorites we all know and love, but the hybrid look is also what makes it so cool. 

A rifle this good-looking that can consistently hit a three-quarter size IPSC target at 900 yards is truly a unique creature. If you don’t believe it, just go watch the video of me running the All American through its paces on Griffin & Howe’s range. 

In recent years, the guns I’ve taken into the field tend to be some mix of synthetic stocks with carbon fiber barrels and modern titanium actions, but now there’s an option to have the best of that performance & reliability in a rifle that just looks like it belongs on the hunt. 

Check it out for yourself.