The 90% Lie

By  Mr. Greene

Gun banners routinely lie about their data because they know they have little chance of prevailing in the policy arena otherwise.  Those in the mainstream media aid them by happily regurgitating everything the gun banners feed them. Meanwhile, gun rights advocates live under the media microscope, and therefore must abide by facts. 

There is no better example of this than what I call the “90 percent lie.”  It’s so easy to explain.  Gun controllers, media, and politicians robotically utter this one every time the issue of “universal background checks” (UBCs) surfaces in public debate.  This is the idea that all firearm sales or transfers must include a criminal background check even when conducted between two private parties. 

First, private transfers were never intended to be regulated under the federal background check law that pertains to transfers conducted by Federal Firearms Licensees (gun dealers.) Anti-gun advocates lie about it being a “loophole” that must be closed. But the truth is, when this law was passed it specifically omitted private transfers from the background check mandate, because most gun owners believe they should be able to give a gun to their son, daughter, a family member or a friend without relying on the government to tell them they can.  (Afterall, criminals don’t bother asking permission.) So suggesting there is a “loophole” is like a politician proposing a sales tax hike that specifically exempts groceries in order to get the votes necessary for it to pass, and then calling the intentional grocery exemption a “loophole” a month after the new tax is implemented.  It’s shameless, but it’s what they do.

The “90 percent lie” is a reference to the falsehood that 90 percent of American voters support universal background checks. This was generated by bought-and-paid-for junk polling and “verified” by left-wing shills like Politifact.  However, there is dramatic, factual evidence showing the true support of UBCs that Politifact and the other gun controllers choose to ignore because it doesn’t support their narrative.

I’m referring to the results of actual, statewide ballot measures on the issue–not polling.  It is the undeniable results of what voters chose when they were educated on the details of the issue and then cast a ballot on the matter.  Though UBC opponents were out-spent $37 million to $8 million in these campaigns, the results showed anything but 90-percent support.

All three of the popular statewide votes occurred in 2016.  In Washington State, the measure passed 59 to 41 percent.  In Nevada, it passed by 1 percent, 51.5 to 49.5.  In Maine, UBCs failed by a vote of 48 to 52 percent.  The first states can easily be described as liberal, while Maine might be moderate, at best.  In all three elections combined, votes were cast by 3,965,014 Americans (or at least we hope they were).  UBCs prevailed 55 to 45 percent in these arenas handpicked by the gun controllers.  The story would have been much different if they had selected Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Idaho.  Still, this is 35 percent short of the big lie’s 90 percent claim. 

So now, when UBCs don’t pass, the people who have been fooled into believing the lie are dumbfounded. “What the hell happened?” they ask. “It must be the evil gun lobby at work, because I thought 90 percent of the people supported it.” 

What really happened was: the polling was bunk, but they swallowed it anyway.

Rest assured, if the actual elections had resulted in 90 percent wins, the gun banners, media, Politifact, and politicians would be touting them–not the sham polling.  But they conveniently ignore the actual ballot results as if they never happened.  Let’s go ahead and ignore the will of nearly 4 million registered voters. Yea, makes great sense.  

Gun banners routinely lie.  That’s a fact.

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