The 50 Cal Ban is Back

By Jeff Johnston, FE Hunting & Shooting Editor

On May 17, 2024, Democratic lawmakers restarted the drumbeat to ban American gun owners from purchasing .50 caliber rifles—under the guise of cracking down on crime. 

Introduced by Joaquin Castro (TX-20), Maxwell Frost (FL-10), and Veronica Escobar (TX-16), the “Stop Arming Cartels Act” would “prohibit the importation, sale, manufacture, transfer, or possession of .50 caliber rifles, and for other purposes” for all Americans. It would mandate machinegun-style NFA registration to those Americans who already legally own .50-caliber rifles. It would also allow an avenue to sue the manufacturers of .50 caliber weapons for the illegal actions of criminals who may use them. 

According to Castro’s website, “A refusal to act would mean continuing to arm transnational criminal organizations and cartels that purchase these weapons for illicit acts.” 

That’s right, anyone who doesn’t support the bill (Republicans) is to blame for cartel violence.

This one is so laughable, I don’t know where to start. But I will anyway.

First off, the bill comes from the same party whose administration purposely sent hundreds of guns to the cartels and lost track of them during Operation Fast and Furious and wound up getting U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry killed. It’s the same squad who left billions worth of weapons, including .50 cals, to our enemies in Afghanistan. I’d bet you a C-note that Mrs. Escobar doesn’t know what .50 caliber means, or that it’s already against the law for any American to sell any gun to any cartel. But besides not knowing a damn thing about guns or crime, if Democrats were so concerned about crippling the cartels and making citizens safer, perhaps they’d start by securing our borders rather than encouraging 10 million unvetted illegal immigrants to enter over the last three years. These people include MS-13 gangsters, jihadists, Chinese spies and cartel members whose fentanyl and human trafficking businesses are booming due to their open border policies. But forget street crime and sex slavery for a moment. At this rate, another 9/11 is not just possible, it’s imminent. 

If these “leaders” were really interested in curbing crime, they wouldn’t waste time on ½-inch diameter bullets whose use in crimes are statistically irrelevant. Rather they’d start by jailing every gangbanger in Chicago’s South Side who prefers handguns to handshakes. But it would be racist to even suggest as much, of course, so that’s a nonstarter. 

Like always, their intentions are clear: They simply want to ban another type of gun from gun-owning Americans whom they fear much more than any foreign invader, tyrant dictator or filthy Hamas operative. If they really wanted to do something about crime, they’d not defund the police, and they damn sure wouldn’t install judges who release violent felons as quickly as they appear. If these lawmakers actually wanted to do something about the cartels they’d use diplomatic, political, economic and possibly military pressure to motivate Mexico’s corrupt-ass government into doing something about the problem themselves, or else be pried from the American teat that keeps their head above water.

And if the bill is passed and doesn’t prevent a single cartel from obtaining a single .50 caliber rifle? That’s fine with them, too. More importantly, multiple lawsuits will be filed against the manufactures of these lawfully made, non-defective and legally sold guns, thereby quickly putting them out of business. Can you imagine if anytime a drunken asshat tripped on an empty beer bottle and hit his head on a toilet seat, the manufacturers of both the beer bottle and the toilet seat would be sued? It would swiftly spell the end of American capitalism–which is ultimately what these anti-American socialists want. If you think I’m being hyperbolic, then you haven’t been paying attention to what’s been happening over at the Department of Homeland “Security” lately.   

And finally, the icing on the cake are the political points that are baked into this election-year bill, a bill they know won’t pass:  That is, anyone who doesn’t support the attempt to take guns from Americans when Americans need them most, is, of course, on the side of the cartels. 

Get a real job, losers. Meanwhile, I’m getting a Barrett .50.  

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