Springfield 2020 Rimfire

Mr. Brown

Springfield thinks the world needs another .22.

We agree. We always need more .22s.

While this is one of the most crowded areas of the firearms industry, it actually is really easy to stand out. Most companies have cheapened their .22 lineup over the years—landing on production quality somewhere between a Chinese firecracker and gas station sunglasses. They’re redeemed somewhat by the fact that they usually work on a good day and the retail price is below a full tank of diesel fuel on a bad day.

Yep, they’ve set the bar pretty low.

Springfield’s 2020 Rimfire is different. The stocks are well made, you can drop in a custom 700-style trigger, the fit and finish is top-tier, and the rifles take 10/22 mags that can be found everywhere. The target model comes with a threaded barrel, threaded bolt handle, extended mag release, and a hard-chrome bolt. The classic is more along the lines of what your first rifle looked like if you were born into a decent generation—walnut in several grades shaped to a standard sporter design with blued metal.

To get the price down to around $400 Springfield opted for Turkish manufacturing—something we don’t always prefer. In this case, we approve. We’ve seen great shotguns come out of this country (like the old CZ Ringneck SxS and the S&W Gold Elite SxS) for decades. These 2020 Rimfires exhibit similar quality and warranty work is completed in the USA should you need it.

The rifles shoot great, look like they should retail two tiers higher, and the triggers and mags are easily upgradeable.

The only reason a company should enter a crowded market is if they can simply build a better product than the competition. This rifle proves it can still be done in the world of .22s.

We saw 3/4″ groups at 50 yards with Fiocchi Exacta Super Match (hard to find).

Optic: Leupold VX-Freedom Rimfire—solid.

Silencer: SilencerCo Sparrow—solid.

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