South Carolina Passes Constitutional Carry

By Jeff Johnston

Low and behold, progressive policies have unintended consequences. You know, like when the government artificially raises the minimum wage to $20 and businesses shut down so that no one makes anything. Or like when the Feds usher millions of unvetted illegals into the country as police departments are defunded and—surprise!—violent crime rises. 

Then what? 

Good people fear for their safety, and states like South Carolina pass Constitutional Carry. 

That’s what happened on March, 7, 2024, when Gov. Henry McMaster signed House Bill 3594, making South Carolina the 29th state to do so. The law allows any person over the age of 18 who has not been convicted of a violent crime to carry a concealed handgun—without a background check and without a permit.

While Constitutional purists may argue that the rights affirmed by the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights were given by God and therefore are not dependent on any signature of a greasy-pocketed politician, the new law certainly makes the carrying of a weapon for self-defense a hell of a lot less nerve-wracking if a cop happens to see it as you pump your gas.

But before the anti-gun cucks begin wailing that Constitutional Carry allows anyone and everyone to carry a gun and is therefore sure to induce versions of the O.K. Corral twice daily in each neighborhood cul-de-sac, here are a few facts: To buy a gun from a dealer, one must still pass a background check. To carry that gun, by law, one cannot be a violent criminal or several other types of convicts with less than rosy records. So that pretty much rules out all the gang members and most of the meth heads—i.e. 99 percent of the reason the rest of us feel we need to carry a gun in the first place. The bill also increases the penalties for those who commit violent crimes with a firearm and for those who get busted in one of the many—too damn many—places self-defense tools are outlawed.   

And this is all most independent Americans have ever wanted from their government: Trust in those citizens who have not proven to be menaces to society, and severe punishment for those who have proven they are. We don’t beg for government protection; rather, we just ask it to not toss us in prison for reserving the ability to defend ourselves from those who have never obeyed the laws and never will. Oh yeah, and closing the fucking border would be cool.       

So nice going, SC. If I were a good Marylander, I’d strongly consider moving there.  

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