SME Bullseye Target Camera

By Jeff Johnston

Yeah, I know it’s a first-world problem, but here in the first world not having to walk 300 yards to your target and 300 back to the benchrest saves a shitload of time when dialing in your rifles. I’ve also found that I shoot better groups when using a target camera, because I’m not breathing like the bloodlusty monster-guy in a classic horror movie when I get back on the rifle. 

The concept is genius—all made possible by wifi technology. Here’s how it works:

The Bullseye Target Camera is a self contained camera, wifi/modem, antenna and battery all wrapped into one waterproof mobile unit. Set the camera a few feet from the target and focus it, then click the unit on. After you download the app on your smartphone, connect it to your phone’s wifi. Now walk back to wherever your benchrest is and shoot, all while seeing your bullet impacts in real time as if you were feet away. 

Can’t I just use a spotting scope? In theory, yes, but I don’t know how many times my spotting scope simply isn’t clear enough to see bullet holes at 300 yards (much less 1,000 yards) due to wind shake, target material, background, lighting or whatever. And I don’t know how many times I’ve adjusted my scope and wasted a half dozen more rounds only to discover that what I thought was my initial bullet hole was actually a booger my kid wiped on the target.

I have to say though: if the Bullseye cam had multiple parts for set up, didn’t always work well or didn’t hold a charge, I’d be right back to using a spotting scope and/or walking down to the target between shots. Technology is great until it becomes a hassle unto itself. But parent company SME (Shooting Made Easy) has done a great job with this thing. I was super impressed with the unit’s battery life and its overall ease of use. There is one button—on and off—on the physical unit itself. The rest is controlled by the app on your smartphone—and the app is really well done. 

What’s more, since the “Sniper Edition” has a near-mile range, it can be used for more than just target viewing. Place it anywhere you wish to keep an eye on, and it functions like a temporary security camera without the install cost and monthly fees. 

Sure, this is one of these products that’s a pure luxury item for sportsmen, and in fact a part of me is embarrassed for admitting I use it so much. But like air conditioned seats and automatic coffee grinders, it sure is nice. And it would make a hell of a gift for the shooter who has it all. $650

Pros: makes zeroing rifles faster, better, and more enjoyable

Cons: another piece of technology to charge

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