Revic BR4

By Jeff Johnston, FE Hunting & Shooting Editor

If you’re a hunter who probably won’t shoot anything past 400 yards, don’t buy this rangefinder. There’s no point in spending $1,200 for the best in long range ballistic technology if a $200 unit from Leupold will do ya. But for the nerds out there who love nothing more than diving into the ballistical abyss with a 14-pound rifle and a 1-mile gong tied to their ego, they probably shouldn’t buy anything other than Revic’s BR4 rangefinder. Although Sig Sauer began the trend a few years ago with its Kilo handheld units, this Revic—made by the long-range experts at Gunwerks—is making a serious run at the title of “most advanced rangefinder.” 

The new-and-improved 10-ounce BR4 is touted to range to reflective objects 4,000 yards. I say “touted” because I have nowhere around me in Oklahoma where I could test this claim, and I tried by climbing up on my roof. I ranged non-reflective targets—the tops of trees—more than 1800 yards away, and it did this almost instantly. In fact, I think the time between pushing the fire button and getting a range reading is likely the best in the business.  

But the range to the target is only one variable in the long range equation. The unit’s additional integrated sensors, including an inclinometer, barometer, thermometer and compass, glean the other factors that are then computed by Revic’s smartphone app and then instantly displayed both on your phone and in the unit so the shooter can quickly dial the prescribed corrections in the scope and fire. Wind data can be automatically gleaned from local weather feeds or manually entered where it is then computed for your specific bullet profile. You can pre-set 10 of these profiles so you don’t have to re-enter all the data each time you choose to shoot another gun. 

Just five years ago this technology that places one do-all shooting solution in the palm of the hand was almost unfathomable. Today it’s still downright ridiculous. But completely automated and totally intuitive for non-tech geeks, it is not.  

Although Revic has made the process as easy as possible and has obviously worked hard to make its proprietary Revic OPS app one of the most user friendly in the business, don’t think your going to break the BR4 from your backpack for the first time while on mountain and be ready to shoot a mountain goat at 800 yards just after pushing the range button. Using the BR4 to its full potential—like any ballistic tool worth its salt—requires some initial study, inputting all your rifle’s known data to set a profile, configuring the app’s parameters, syncing the unit to your phone, and then practicing with the whole system enough that it becomes easy to use under pressure. For me it’s the initial study that’s always the most loathsome part. 

But I know some of you people. You love this stuff—and the more detailed and therefore precise it is, the better. Gunwerks/Revic also knows it, and that’s why it created the BR4.

Cost:   $1,285

Pros: possibly the most advanced handheld LR ever made; very solid physical build; lightweight; minimal buttons, tripod mountable

Cons: cannot not make you a great shooter by itself

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