ranch water

Ranch Water: Tequila’s easiest badass recipe

“You want a ranch water, Junior?” John Hill usually asks me this when I have an open beer in the cup holder and one on deck, but I try to never refuse a ranch water…especially on a warm Texas afternoon.

I’ve never been to FE Hill Ranch without drinking a ranch water and I never will. Thanks for introducing me to them, John. They’re the crown jewel of our friendship. -JV

Rub the lime around the rim of your cup. Place cup rim in Musket Powder -if you must, you can substitute with spicy rubs made for peasants.

In a mixer, add ice, one part agave tequila and one part Topo Chico. Throw in 1 or 2 slices of jalapeño (with seeds). Squeeze two lime quarters into mixer. Shake violently. Pour into cups and drop a lime quarter in each.

(You’re allowed to go 2 parts Topo Chico to one part tequila if you absolutely must, but try not to let yourself weaken in life.)

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