PSE Purchased … Not By the Bowmars

By FE Staff

On February 16, the Heritage Outdoors Group announced its purchase of PSE.

This comes as good news for bowhunters everywhere, primarily because the acquisition ensures the legendary firm will continue its longstanding production of perhaps the most technologically advanced bows available. To the relief of the hunting industry at large, it also verifies that Josh and Sarah Bowmar did not buy PSE.

Founded by hunter and engineer Pete Shepley of Tucson, AZ, Precision Archery Equipment has been a staple in the bowhunting world since its inception in 1970. Indeed, PSE was one of the original five manufacturers of the compound bow. Since then it has remained an industry leader in bow manufacturing, competitive archery titles won, and technology patents granted.

But time marches on, and all things eventually change. 

In the fall of 2022 it was rumored PSE was potentially for sale—which it likely was—but wild internet speculation falsely concluded the Bowmars bought it.

It’s a good thing they didn’t. Why? 

Because the often shirtless Josh Bowmar and his legging wearing, love-thy-mirror-most wife aren’t very likable—at least according to countless comments gleaned from social media. But at first the product-pushing selfie-stars were merely annoying; recently, however, after pleading guilty to conspiracy charges stemming from a Nebraska hunting trip, the couple likely ranks somewhere between Lindsay Lohan and the Iron Sheik in the fan favorite category. PSE on the other hand, has a reputation for straight shooting.

Fast forward to February 16, 2023 and here are the facts: The Heritage Outdoors Group purchased PSE for an undisclosed sum. Via press release, the holding group pledged to keep PSE’s tradition, premium quality and untarnished name alive, all while revamping the company’s marketing mission and dealer networks. While not much is known about HOG at this time, you can bet it’s a damn sight rosier than the Bowmars on the inside.

If you haven’t shot a PSE in a while, you should. Plenty of top pros—even those who may shoot for other brands—believe PSE’s Pro Series bows are some of the very best available in terms of speed, accuracy and pure shootability.  

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