People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

The whiniest group of humans on earth

By Gayne C. Young

I thought PETA hit the pinnacle of bat-shit crazy beliefs back in 2009 when the extremist group went after President Obama for killing a fly. The scene played out like this: Obama was seated for an interview when a fly buzzed him. The President paused mid-sentence, swatted the fly dead with his hand, and pronounced, “I got the sucker!” 

Video of the kill went viral, and soon the late night pundits chimed in. Jimmy Fallon said, “That’s some pretty impressive hand-eye coordination right there. Makes Obama look like a badass.”  People compared Obama to Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid. In short, most folks thought the kill pretty impressive, but not PETA. It called what Obama did an “execution,” and stated that Obama “…isn’t the Buddha, he’s a human being, and human beings have a long way to go before they think before they act.” Then sent him an ethical trap to catch and release the next insect that comes his way.

  Like I said…

I thought that was about as dumb as I thought PETA could get.

I was wrong.

On March 16, 2022, PETA stated in a news release that the NFL should change the name of the “horse-collar tackle” as it “makes light of using tight harnesses to exploit horses for labor.”


They want to change the name of a tackle. It has nothing to do with animals being killed or mistreated. It has to do with a name.

For those of you not in the know, a horse-collar tackle is when a football player grabs the shirt collar of another player and yanks him to the ground. The move was banned by the NFL in 2005 because it lends unfair leverage and is dangerous. PETA sent its suggestion to NFL Competition Committee Chair Rich McKay. The letter, which PETA made public, stated, “Words matter, and the term ‘horse-collar tackle’ trivializes an old-style contraption that exploits horses for labor … You could score a touchdown for horses by instead converting it to the ‘Goodell Grab’ or ‘back-collar tackle,’ as neither of these terms normalizes animal abuse.”

Score a touchdown for horses?!

Come on man.

That’s just dumb all the way around.

As much as we all like horses, I doubt they are aware that there is a football tackle named after a horse collar. Also, does PETA not understand that horses wearing collars pretty much helped build all of Western society? Humans used horses to travel, build, transport goods, and plow. If not for the latter, humans wouldn’t have been able to mass produce food, move on to the Industrial Revolution, produce cars and machinery to replace horse labor, and yes, have the time and luxury to form such dumbass, misguided virtue signaling clubs like PETA.

In reality, horses in collars rock!

I think PETA would better be served spending their energy trying to prevent actual animal abuse, or perhaps donate some money to animal shelters. 

But they won’t.

What are your thoughts?