Nighthawk Custom Agent 2 Commander Review

She bad

By Mr. Rainbow


That’s the word I would use to describe Nighthawk Custom’s handguns. Sure, they look cool as hell and shoot incredibly well, but it is the feel of their guns that makes them what they are. That trademark feel is a byproduct of the incredible fit between the various components. Getting this kind of fit comes from precision machining coupled with highly skilled hand work. Thanks to Nighthawk’s “One Gun, One Gunsmith” policy, there is no buck to pass to the next guy down the production line. Perfection is the rule rather than the exception.  

Every part on the Agent2 Commander begins as a solid block of steel. Nothing is cast or molded, no shortcuts are taken. These forgings are CNC machined to exacting, yet oversized tolerances. As great as modern machines can be, there is simply so substitute for hand-fitting steel to steel. Slide-to-frame fit isn’t much of a factor in practical handgun accuracy, but it is a fantastic benchmark of how much skill and dedication the builder put into a particular pistol. Cycling the slide on the Agent2 Commander is like sliding butter across a red-hot skillet. You couldn’t fit a hair between the parts yet they interact with one another with almost unbelievable fluidity. It’s the same with the grip safety, the manual safety, the slide stop and the trigger. Oh, the trigger. Three-and one-half pounds of awesomeness.

Looking cool matters too, and Nighthawk Custom has that covered. The Agent2 Commander combines some of the classic elements that make the 1911 so great, all while adding functional and esthetically-pleasing touches. For example, the slide is aggressively milled with a tri-top as well as angled multi-faceted cocking serrations. In lieu of checkering, the grip’s front strap and mainspring housing are scalloped in a pattern that compliments the slide cuts. Each of the Agent2 Commander’s features work in-concert with one another, both visually and mechanically. The smoked nitride finish ties everything together.    

My test gun was chambered in 9mm and, in addition to the standard features, has been upgraded with carbon fiber grips and Nighthawk Custom’s IOS (Interchangeable Optic System). IOS allows users to swap from an optic to a traditional iron rear sight in seconds with no loss in zero or compromise in durability. To complete the tactical cool guy package, I mounted a tiny Surefire white light to the integral Recon Rail.   

At the risk of sounding like an objectophiliac, shooting it was borderline orgasmic. An all-steel 9mm barely recoils, and this one loved to shoot one-hole groups. Banging steel with this thing felt like I was using a racegun but the fact is that I could conceal it under a flannel. I can’t say enough good things about this gun, except that I have to give it back.        

MSRP on the Agent2 Commander is $5,000 without upgrades. Sure, you could buy 10 Glocks for the same price, but that sounds like something a socialist would do. If you’re a coupon clipper, this probably isn’t the handgun for you. But if you like really, really nice shit, it’s hard to beat a Nighthawk Custom.   

Pro: Incredible fit, finish and performance

Con: I don’t own it