Nightforce Configurable Spotter

By Joe Ferronato 

Adaptability is of utmost importance in the field. Daily life, hunting, PRS matches, whatever it is, if you—and your gear—can change to accommodate the challenges thrown at you, your chances of success will greatly increase. 

That’s why Nightforce’s Configurable Field Spotting Scope is so appealing; it can adapt to a variety of different scenarios. 

At first glance, this thing doesn’t look at all like the spotting scopes you’re used to seeing. No angled eyepiece or oversized objective lens carrying heavy glass. Rather it’s a simple, sleek 6-36×50 scope that looks like it should go on your rifle rather than a tripod. 

Both the focus and magnification knobs are located near the central balance point of the scope, helping you stay on target while adjusting. The controls have 120-degree rotation for quick, tactile, and precise adjustments.

The thing I hate most about spotting scopes is the bulk and weight, yet on every hunt, one finds its way into my pack because it’s a necessary tool. This scope, on the contrary, takes away those concerns of both bulk and weight. It’s streamlined and fits in a pack easily, only adding an extra 33.7 ounces—a negligible amount for the use. 

With everything in life, there are tradeoffs. Being smaller and streamlined, this scope lacks the high magnification that other spotters have. The magnification range is perfect for those who use a spotter for glassing and learning details that the 10x42s just can’t deliver. But for those who live and die off trophy quality—or for sheep hunters where size dictates legality—a traditional high-magnification scope may be better suited to wager your hunting license on. 

If you’re like me, you haven’t drawn a sheep tag yet—and can’t afford to buy one—but your pursuits take you from the mountains to the range, to the frozen prairies both at night and when the sun’s shining. That’s where this scope really shines. With the optional Accessory Cage Kit and Accessory Platform, you can turn this scope into a do-all optic. 

The cage is a very adaptive design with several M-LOK attachment points and it includes mountable picatinny rails. You can put whatever you want on it: red dots, rangefinders, Kestrels…and anything else you can think of to out-tacticool your range buddies. 

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the reticle options in this scope. It comes equipped with either the MOA-XTs, MIL-XTs or the Horus TREMOR4 FFP reticles. These reticles are specifically designed for the spotter and match the reticles in Nightforce’s rifle scopes. You might be thinking why would you want a reticle in your spotter? Well, let me tell you. For PRS competitors or hunters, having an accurate reticle in the spotter results in much easier shot-adjustment calls, plus it helps with description and distance calculations to get your shooter on target. 

With extreme versatility in a compact package, I’ll have this scope in the field a lot this year. 

Price: $2,950-$3,100

Pros: Adaptable, customizable, lightweight, and looks badass with mounted accessories 

Cons: Low magnification range, expensive

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