Leupold Mark 4HD

By Joe Ferronato

It’s no secret that as a team we’ve grown to have a great affinity for the Mark 5HD line—and for good reason, too. The Mark 5s are robust and offer precision in a variety of magnification ranges. The one problem for some, especially in the current economy, is the price tag. 

Leupold recognized that and wanted to make a high-quality precision scope like the Mark 5 at a lower price point while still delivering top-of-the-line performance…enter the Mark 4HD. There are many similarities between the two lines, and coming in at half the price of their big brother, we think they punch well above their weight class.

So, what makes them different from each other? The Mark 5s offer a 5:1 magnification ratio while the Mark 4s are a 4:1 meaning that your magnification ranges are shorter in the Mark 4 line, but they still offer plenty of adjustment to be accurate throughout a variety of ranges. The Mark 4s are built around the same Professional-Grade Optical System as the Mark 5s and share similar elevation dials that offer consistently accurate adjustments.

The Mark 4s utilize 34mm or 30mm tubes rather than the astoundingly robust 35mm tube of the Mark 5s. It cuts weight and decreases total package size—making them more suitable as a crossover hunting scope.

The most notable difference between the two lines is on the left side of the tube. The side-focus knob lacks the dial to control the brightness of the illuminated reticle, replacing it with only a push-button selector, and only select models offer an illuminated reticle. Models with lower magnification levels leave out side-focus adjustment all together. 

Leupold definitely did well with the Mark 4HD. The quality, versatility, and reliability that the company is known for are there. Will it beat out our beloved Mark 5HD? No, but from the LPVOs at 1-4.5X for tactical pursuits, all the way up to the 8-32X PRS-style scopes, the line offers precision optics at a more entry-level price.

MSRP: $1,000-$1,600

Pros: Optical quality and reliability of high-level scopes at a much lower price; robust construction backed by a lifetime guarantee

Cons: Only select models offer illuminated reticles

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