Land of 1000 Casts

When it comes to Fly-fishing, there’s something special that keeps us coming back. Regardless of how many false casts you make or how many hours you spend blindly searching for the big one, There’s just something about it. I’ve fished in many different locations for many different species and I have found that the search for trophy fish never seems to come to an end. 

We call this place the land of 1000 casts. I’ve spent many hours looking into the water wondering what I was doing wrong, and why not a single fish had shown any interest in a multitude of flies. And usually, once every few trips, we will land a good fish or two; But that’s not what fuels the addiction. We come back and waste hours and hours knowing that there COULD be a monster lurking underneath the water. We do this until one day, it’s no longer a waste of time. 

When I hooked into this trout, I knew she was big. The conversation went something like this… “Hey man, this one feels pretty good!” To “Dude! This is the one!” After about a 10-minute fight, we got this 10-pound, 30.25-inch PIG boat side.

For those that have never done much trout fishing in the saltwater, really anything over 23 or 24 inches is considered a big trout. Reaching that 30-inch mark on Fly was an epic day for me, and one that I will not soon forget.