It’s accurate, it’s reliable, it can club a seal.


Jason Vincent

I always keep a pistol in my vehicle. Not a concealed carry piece, but a substantial fighting gun. 

For the last year, the go-to that’s been living in my center console is the Sig P229 Legion RX 9mm.

Here’s the thing, I don’t like carrying a full-size pistol on me when I’m out and about. They’re heavy, less than comfortable on your belt and much harder to hide. They’re just not ideal for concealed carry…despite what 65-year-old men who oh-so-inconspicuously seem to always be wearing a khaki fishing vest will tell you.

Those deadly bastards are likely waistband carrying cocked and locked 1911’s. 

But my truly dangerous pistol stays in the vehicle and is within arm’s reach if needed. I can get to it and un-ass the vehicle quickly if the situation requires.

Always un-ass the vehicle if things go south. It’s engagement 101.

Anyway, back to the sig.

Without boring you with a ton of history, the Sig P229 has been a go-to piece for federal law enforcement for years. They’re accurate, reliable and uber durable. While it technically isn’t a full-size pistol, it’s alloy frame and a fully loaded mag certainly make it carry like one. Not much plastic on it. It’s also idiot proof.

The Legion RX variation is a tricked-out version of the tried-and-true gun. It’s coated with a dull gray all-weather finish, comes with a Romeo1Pro reflex sight (red dot) installed on the slide and its night sights are raised and can be seen through the optic and in the dark if there’s a malfunction there. It also comes standard with a picatinny rail machined into the frame for a weapon mounted flashlight.

There’s really nothing left to do to this pistol aside from adding a threaded barrel and a suppressor, but that’s really just for ninja work.

It took some time and practice getting used to the Romeo1 as I’ve resisted the red-dot phenomenon over the years. After extensive use I’ve decided I like it, but I don’t love it. 

I’m still faster with irons, but I’m way more accurate with the dot these days.

Quick Points:

Reliability with this gun has been flawless…zero malfunctions of any kind using an assortment of brands and bullet types.

Shootability is very high with the 229 as its weight reduces recoil and allows a shooter to stay on target better than a lighter weight gun of this type.

The frame size and barrel length are relatively compact, so the pistol won’t eat up too much space in your console or glove box. The full length grip will allow you to get a good purchase on the gun for better control.

It’s heavy and solid enough to club a seal if you find yourself fighting with one next to your truck.

Pros: Reliable. Good grip length. Easy to control and shoot accurately. Fits well in vehicle compartments. Fully modified with every option you’d think of adding later yourself.

Cons: Heavy if you do decide to carry it. No plate to cover the slide cut for the Romeo1 should you decide you want to remove it.