In Florida, We Do Things a Bit Differently

Gave Lefebvre In Florida

When fly fishing comes to the average angler’s mind, they probably imagine vast mountainous landscapes with 18-inch Rainbow Trout rising on small dry flies.

-In Florida, we do things a bit differently.

120 lb’s of muscle, speed and sharp teeth – a damn good time.

While I absolutely love fresh water fly fishing and the nature that comes with it, there is something about fighting a jagged-toothed beast that is just different. Shark fishing with a fly rod isn’t too common, and that in itself is something I find interesting. We safely release all of the sharks we catch and handle them in a way of respect for the awesome creatures that they are. I encourage all Fly-fishermen to try shark fishing as it is a totally different aspect of the sport than they are probably used to.  When you combine 120 lbs of muscle, speed, and sharp teeth, you’re bound to have a good time.

Absolute respect for these awesome creatures.

There are many different methods to shark fishing with a fly rod, but a great way is to set up a chum slick and throw a large baitfish pattern on a dead drift. One really cool way to target them is to look for them backing on low tide flats in the warmer months. Usually, these aren’t going to be the big guys, but a 30 lb shark is still a heck of a fight with a buggy whip.