HuntStand App Review

By Jeff Johnston, FE Hunting & Shooting Editor 

Just a few years ago, if a man wanted to lease a piece of ground but didn’t know the locals, he’d have to skulk around the feed stores and prowl the backroads like a weirdo, practically begging anyone for a nugget of info. 

These days I just open my HuntStand app to see who owns it. Then, like the boss I am, I stalk them on Facebook so I can send a message to see if they’re interested in leasing their land. I’m halfway joking, but halfway not. You’d be surprised how many old farmers are on Facebook. The point is, if I can find a name or even an LLC, I can usually find the owner, and this makes leasing land much easier. 

Not too long ago a well-off buddy of mine used HuntStand to buy a banger property. The short story:  One evening while driving he almost hit a monster buck. When he pulled over to watch it after it jumped the fence, he saw another giant that it was running with, only this one was even bigger. So he pulled up HuntStand to find the name of the property owner; simultaneously on the satellite map he saw why the buck crossed the road where it did—that spot was a natural funnel formed by a creek and hardwoods that opened into a beautiful half-section of rolling land with a small house and a couple lakes on it. The next day he drove to the house and left a letter in the mailbox complimenting the owner on the beauty of the property and also expressing a polite but serious interest in buying it. 

Turns out the owner was a widow who’d been thinking about moving closer to the grandkids; she was all too willing to sell the property without paying an agent six percent. Since then, my buddy has taken several wall hangers and a boatload of bass off it. Could he have found the property without the app? Sure, but he probably wouldn’t have. 

To be clear, I never thought I’d use a smart-phone app for hunting, because half the reason I hunt is to disconnect. But then I tried it, and now I must admit that it’s a tool that only enhances my hunt rather than complicates it, because it keeps all my relevant information such as sunrise and sunset times, property boundaries, real-time weather data, moon cycles and everything else in one place that’s always with me, not to mention the GPS and map function that keeps my ass from getting lost. But more than anything, even when not hunting, I use the property info function frequently. Historically this software alone would cost a real estate agent $100 per month or more, but HuntStand costs just a fraction of that, and it’s only a fraction of what it does. Certainly there are several other similar apps on the market, but HuntStand was the first one I tried, and now I have no reason to use anything else.  

Cost: $30 annually    

Pros: all-in-one app that includes weather reports, localized wind data and property owner info; allows you to ditch your separate GPS

Cons: You’ll find yourself using your phone more than you ever thought you would while hunting.  

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