Gayne’s 2021 Adventure Forecast

2020 is almost in our rearview mirror.

The vaccine is being shipped all over the country and the world is looking forward to life returning to a semblance of its past. I can’t wait. For too long I’ve been cooped up in the house unable to venture to distant locales in order to feed my thirst for adventure. Here are a few adventures I’m looking forward to in 2021. Some have already been planned, some I’ve been promised, and some I hope to make happen.

Georgia Lizard Hunt

Argentine black and white tegus have invaded Georgia!

This exotic species from South America can measure upwards of five feet in length and reach weights of over 20 pounds. Like most invasive species they are destructive to the ecosystem and have few, if any, natural predators. Field Ethos Founder and Editor Jason Vincent has agreed to be my professional hunter in Georgia this spring for what I’m hoping will be an epic Lizard Safari.

I can’t wait to be the first hunter to take an Argentine black and white tegus to a Texan taxidermist. 

“What the hell is this thing?”

It’s a lizard from Argentinian by way of Georgia and you’re going to mount it.


Another invasive species that I’d really like to tackle is a lionfish. 

Seeing how the aforementioned Jason Vincent has taken up spearfishing, I’m sure he can locate a spot in the Gulf of Mexico for us to shoot at least one or two of these things. I’m no stranger to shooting invasive fish as I regularly shoot tilapia and carp at Lake Amistad on the Texas / Mexico Border. One of those invasives tastes really good. The other is fun to throw on the rocks as food for raccoons. 

I’ll let you guess which is which. 

Back to the lionfish.

Again, I can’t wait to take one to my taxidermist to see what he can do with it. 

I don’t know of anybody that’s got one in their trophy room. 

Do you?

Dorado Fishing in Argentina

Former Texas Ranger pitcher Jim Kern and I have been working on a book detailing his time in MLB for the past four years. 

Get your copy next month!

To celebrate our finally completing this endeavor, I will be going with Jim down to Argentina to fish for dorado and shoot some dove with Jim’s Emu Outfitting and River Plate Wingshooting. As an added bonus my daughter will be going with me. Although she has no interest in fishing or dove hunting, it will be great to spend some father daughter time with her in an absolutely gorgeous part of the world.

Texas Safari 

The Ox Ranch near Uvalde, Texas is setting up a glamping / photo safari experience to coincide with their fantastic hunting operation. The experience is a little behind schedule because of COVID but should be open soon. I hope to visit and hunt a Dama gazelle in the spring.

I can’t wait to see what “glamping” is all about.

Shark Fishing

Shark fishing in Port Aransas, Texas last year with my son was so great that we made arrangements with the guide to return this summer. My son is so excited, in fact, that he has offered to come up with the guide’s tip. 

Last year my son pulled in a six-foot bull shark. 

He said he fully expects to beat the state record this year.

Gotta love that enthusiasm. 

And offer of financial assistance!       

I’m sure my wanderlust will find its way to more adventures other than these but even if this is all that comes to fruition, 2021 is looking fun.

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