Eco Defense Group: Wildlife’s Special Ops

EDGE (Eco Defense Group) works on the frontlines of a wildlife conflict that is unlike any that has come before.  They are a lean and surgical group that relies on intimate sponsor and funding relationships to do what they do — much of which that cannot be advertised publicly. 

Their work involves training counter poaching units who face unique and challenging threats in their mission to keep endangered wildlife safe. Documenting training is vital, both to build a strong training program as well as to communicate what EDGE does to donors and supporters.

Leica Sporting Optics stepped up to help EDGE through gear support. Pictured here is work done in the past months in South Africa and Malawi. 

Leica’s Range Finder and Binoculars are vital in area surveys for mission analysis, as well as in monitoring training areas and understanding ecology better.  The Leica Q2 is an ideal run-and-run camera that performs in all weather. 

A camera is arguably the greatest tool in conservation, and connects those that support EDGE’s work 3,000 miles away to the unique and awesome environments the EDGE team works to protect.

These photos are by photographer Casey Crafford, who travels often with EDGE and even leads certain programs with expertise in photography and other specialized equipment.