Credibility Breeds Longevity

Credibility Breeds Longevity

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I’ve always believed one of the keys to success in business is finding the right mentor.  When I decided to make the world of hunting my career I found it difficult to find a mentor in the industry with the values I shared: God, family, business. The fact that Gary Turner also likes bourbon has made him almost perfect…
– Jason Vincent

Born in upstate South Carolina, I grew up fishing the abundant lakes and ponds that cover the countryside. A product of a divorced family we bounced around from apartment to apartment, but my always-steady grandparents always made sure I spent some time fishing. It was not until we moved to Lake Murray, South Carolina that I truly found a love for the outdoors.

Seventy-eight square miles of playground.

What more could a kid ask for?

This is where I first tried to hunt deer. I took my Remington 870 into the woods and spent countless hours looking for deer. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to harvest one. I did learn the most valuable lesson in hunting – BE PATIENT! But that’s a tough lesson for a thirteen-year-old boy.

The next year brought huge challenges.

We were moving to Wyoming!

This was an incredibly scary time in my life. The uncertainty of moving really weighed heavily on me. Yet, this move made me the man that I am today. Spending my teenage years growing up in Wyoming was incredible. Landing in Glenrock, Wyoming made it even more so. This town is nestled at the foot of the Rockies. Deer Creek feeds the Platte River on the edge of town. Deer, elk, and antelope are everywhere. It’s a very special place, the kind of place that makes men out of boys.

What people do not know is that for a short time Glenrock was a firearms mecca. This small town was full of custom gunsmiths, ammo manufacturers, shooters, hunters, and what would eventually become my company, Talley Scope Rings. All the major firearms companies in the world made their way to Glenrock at least once a year to hunt, shoot, and enjoy the fellowship of other sportsmen.

This is where I cut my teeth in the firearms industry. I spent as much time with these industry professionals as I could. I volunteered to guide, chauffeur, or bartend knowing that I had to pay my dues to become part of the club. This was no easy task. The industry guys in those days were a tough crowd, but I stuck with it. It was difficult at times, there was rejection and acceptance, but I had the drive to stick with it and become one of them. This took longer than I wanted, but paying your dues is just a part of life. Eventually, I was just a permanent fixture in these groups. We all travel the world together now, hunting and selling our wares. I am truly blessed to be a part of the American Firearms Industry. This has become my family and where I have found my friends and my brothers. To those of you looking at joining our group…Welcome. I hope to meet you on your way up.

 – Best of luck.

By Gary Turner

In just 48 years Gary Turner has amassed the wisdom of most men twice his age. As the owner of Talley Manufacturing he's spent more than half his life making scope rings and small parts for the leading firearms companies around the world. He excels in international business, international hunting and international Bourbon drinking.

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