Courteney vs. Russell Moccasin

Courtney vs Russell
Courtney vs Russell

First of all, calm down. You’d have thought I was pitting Protestants vs. Catholics when I announced this one on social media. Relax, be cool, and get your wallet out.


The Courteney Selous is my go-to boot for bebopping around town or for long stalk hunts. I wear them almost daily and when I’m not wearing them, it’s usually because I’m wearing jeans and flip flops…blame my coastal saltwater upbringing. But I love my Courteney’s for a few reasons.

The Selous is wide in the toe area, which I need. I’m also a very careless person and the Courteney boots are about as heavy-duty as boots can be. I can be wearing them at the airport in the morning and the swamp in the afternoon without worrying about hurting them. I’ve destroyed them and brought them back to life multiple times and they always end up just looking cooler than before. Overall the boots are very comfortable and they’re up for a 10-mile hike in rough African country whenever you are. If you’re wearing the Courteney Selous you’ll never be focused on your feet which is a good thing. These boots will likely last you at least 20 years or more if taken care of. I’ve never heard a report of someone needing any type of warranty work on a pair of Courteneys but I know the good folks in Zimbabwe would make sure you’re taken care of if needed.

Russell Moccasin

For actual days in the southern woods where I live, my Russells are my primary boot. I wear them deer hunting, turkey hunting, dove hunting, and quail hunting. Russell Moccasin makes the most comfortable hunting boots on the market and you won’t be able to convince me otherwise.

Most people purchase their Russell boots after being fitted for them in person, so they have the benefit of wearing a boot made exactly for their particular foot…and this makes a HUGE difference for comfort. Russell’s are made in the old-school moccasin style that lends itself to durability and most Russell customers report owning, wearing and restoring a single pair of boots for over 20 years. But this doesn’t stop us from owning more than one pair of their boots. Russells are made in Wisconsin and their customer service is industry-leading…which is why they’ve been in business for over 100 years. If you have a problem, they’ll sort you out very quickly.


The Courteney Selous is my everyday boot for office & town. They’re also my favorite boots for stalk hunting in the US or in Africa. The Russell boots are my favorite for hunting in the southeast. I think about how comfortable they are every time I put them on. So which one is truly my favorite? Well, that’s like asking me to pick which one of my sons is my favorite. Couldn’t choose even if I wanted to because my daughter is my favorite and knowing that just makes her brothers tougher.

Do what many of us have done and buy at least one pair of each. That’s just the start with these two brands.

Quick Facts


-Hand made in Wisconsin for over 100 years

-Custom made to your foot and extremely comfortable

-Endless options for you to design your own boot

-USA based sales & customer service is unmatched

– $450 and up


-Hand made in Zimbabwe for over 28 years

-Absolutely bomb proof construction

-Custom leathers available

-Comfortable on long hikes in rough country

-Ideal for safari hunting in thick brush or rocky terrain

– $400 and up