Chris Craighead’s Sig P320 Review

I was severely jet lagged with just a couple of hours sleep when I turned up at the range and picked up this weapon for the first time. Immediately, I was hitting plates at 20 yards with no issues. I should add I hadn’t been on a range for about six weeks beforehand. This anecdote is an example of the accuracy and usability of the Sig Sauer P320 – a gun that’s perfect for experienced shooters and beginners alike.

The Sig Sauer P320 is a US made, striker fired, automatic pistol available in many different models…lots of shapes and sizes. The reason for this is a revolutionary feature known as the Fire Control Unit (FCU). In layman’s terms the FCU is the trigger group, but it’s the actual serialized “firearm” which in seconds and with no tools can be moved from frame to frame. The “so what” of this means you can set up your pistol to however you want…whatever size…whatever caliber…for whatever task you may have.

With so many options out there, I could talk all day about their many features – I’ll talk about the P320 I’ve used the most, the P320 RXP XCompact.

It’s 7.0 inches with a slide mounted optic, the ROMEO 01 PRO. It has a 15 round magazine and a Nitron black finish that reminds me of a F-117 Stealth Bomber. The flat trigger has a clean and crisp 90 degree break that aids in the pistol’s accuracy. When picking up the 320 you’ll get the instant Sig Sauer combat-ready feel – the grip and controls are all perfectly set up.

Should you buy it?

A common question I get asked is, “Chris I’m thinking about buying a pistol. What should I get?” Of course, this is one question that opens up a whole load of questions from me like, “How often are you going to train?” “Do you plan to conceal carry?” “What exactly do you want it for?” The answers to these questions always influence my advice, but it’s always a P320 that I recommend. Most of the time I recommend with the P320 RXP full size. It’ll get you started as a great out-of-the-box ready pistol, and if there are any issues or features you want to change, it’s an easy fix.


It’s the P320 suitable for carry? In my opinion, absolutely. The P320 is a safe and performance-oriented weapon if you use a proper holster and carry out practice drills. There’s no substitute for practice.


It’s an accurate and reliable pistol which can be set up to suit almost any shooter.


Dare I say it, none. Ok, there isn’t a P320 Craighead Edition available.

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