Braces Back On

By Mr. Pink

On June 13, 2024, Texas-based U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor overruled the ATF’s 2023 ban on stabilizing braces. While the decision will likely be appealed by Biden’s DOJ, right now it means millions of Americans who legally purchased and happily own pistol-length AR-15s equipped with braces need not worry of being arrested. 

Brace owners couldn’t help but feel as though they’d been baited into a trap, when for the last dozen years the ATF said braces were ok, only to announce its Final Rule without the consent of the nation’s law-making branch, i.e., Congress. The Final Rule dictated that braces were banned from future purchase and also that any brace-equipped guns not relinquished to the government or registered by way of a $200 NFA (National Firearms Act) tax stamp would instantly turn their owners into felons who would likely face jail time and forfeiture of their 2nd Amendment rights. 

O’Connor basically said, “Nice try boys, but nope.”

My hope is that even before the ATF’s bureaucratic, brainless, dickless, anti-gun leadership is replaced with politically neutral officers who actually know a damn thing about guns, perhaps its terminology for whatever law it whimsically foists on the American public as if it were Congress be changed from “Final Rule” to “Overreaching Suggestion.”

At any rate, here’s a link to Aero Precision where you can build your own AR pistol with a stabilizing brace. Buy at least a couple while you still can.     

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