Aimpoint ACRO P-2

By Jeff Johston, FE Hunting & Shooting Editor

I’ve got a shoebox half-full of various red dot sights. A few are broken; I saved them because I thought someday I’d get them fixed—that and because I’m a hoarder. A few more of them require obscure batteries that I can’t find at Home Depot; others run out of batteries so fast they’re pretty much worthless. A couple others have mounts that, to my knowledge, have never been compatible with any gun ever made. Many of them require taking the whole damn sight off the gun to change the battery—an asinine design–because the gun then has to be re-zeroed.   

Can you guess the ones that aren’t in that box? My Aimpoints, including an H-2 and two ACRO P-2 models. Yea, they are twice as expensive as most of the sights in the box … but they aren’t in the box because they always work. I have no idea what differentiates high-quality electro-engineering from cheap, but it’s apparent to me that Swedish-made Aimpoints are simply better made than those from the CCP. The company’s quality control protocol mandates that each ACRO can survive at least 20,000 cycles atop a .40 Cal S&W auto. It’s no wonder it’s one of the few dot sights that can survive the extreme recoil—we’re talking sometimes 60-plus ft.-lbs. of free recoil energy—from a 12-gauge, 3½” turkey gun. And that’s why one of my ACROs is bolted to my 12-gauge this spring. If your shotgun does not have a pic rail, worry not; the new S-2 is the same as the P-2 but with an integral shotgun/dovetail rib mount.   

My other one lives a dark, remora-like life on a carbine that I keep hidden in my truck—the one gun that I figure I’ll almost always have access to if something hellacious actually goes down. I chose it for this role because it’s truly the only mini red-dot sight that I do not worry about the battery rolling craps in times of dire need, especially now that the company revamped the original ACRO (P-1) with a bigger, more common CR2032 battery that provides several years (the company says 5) of continuous use.

The ACRO is also simple. Two buttons control its 6 levels of brightness; hit either button and the unit comes on at the last level it was on before it was turned off; hold the down button down for 2 seconds to turn off. It’s submersible to 115 feet, a spec which now makes me wonder if one has ever been used on a speargun. Perhaps most incredible, the entire thing is 1 ¼” tall by 1 ¾” long and weighs just 2 ounces. 

If I sound like a champion for Aimpoint, I am, because the older I get the more I’ve found that it’s wiser to buy a few nice things than to own a whole shoebox full of shit.


  • Now offered in three Cerakote colors for the OCD guys among us: black, gray and desert tan 
  • Toughest pistol-sized dot we’ve tested 
  • Crazy-long battery life 
  • Simple operation


  • Various mounting systems cost from $60-$150 extra           

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