We’re outdoor adventure seekers with hunting, fishing, travel and conservation at the center of our DNA.  For too long mainstream media and corporations have defined the narratives of time in the field.  Our Journal is changing that.  We’re giving a voice to you: the nomads, sojourners, and the searchers.  By delivering content from contributors worldwide, Field Ethos will tell the stories of the adventure minded – whether that’s travel to remote corners of the world or a trip to the woods outside of town. Through rich content across platforms in print, online, film, social media and conversations on the Field Ethos podcast, we’re making you, our audience, the story tellers. This is Field Ethos.
Donald Trump Jr

Donald J Trump Jr - Founder

Most people see me as a businessman, a figure in the political world and a family man. While I certainly love all of these things I also felt the need to work on a passion project in the world of hunting, fishing and adventure. Myself along with several friends launched Field Ethos Journal as a small business dedicated to telling the stories of time in the field. Our brand focuses on the things that truly matter to us: the places we go, the people we meet, the cultures we experience, the adventures that lie in wait for anyone willing to take a step into the unknown and the global successes of conservation that preserve all of these things for generations to come. I hope you’ll follow along and even take part in what we’re doing. Life’s greatest adventures are ahead of us all.

Jason Vincent

Jason Vincent - Founder

I hunt adventure and experiences. Having devoted a significant portion of my life to the front lines of conservation, environmental protection and my own outdoor pursuits, I’ve become more and more concerned with the modern narratives influencing the next generation of sporting men and women. Field Ethos is in response to these things. We’re dedicated to the bigger picture of it all -the relationships we form, the amazing places we go and our responsibility to tell the unapologetic truth about who we are as sportsmen. Thanks for taking part in this project and I invite you to contribute your own stories to the Field Ethos brand.

Mike Schoby

Mike Schoby - COO

Having spent most of my life hunting, it is tempting to give the “Standard Outdoor Braggadocio” bio, i.e., “I’ve hunted 42 states, every Canadian Province, every continent and Africa.” More than most are lucky enough to experience in ten lifetimes. But that form of ego-masturbation is not interesting to anyone other than yourself. What is interesting, and what I have found makes an adventure and creates life lessons, is the unscripted weirdness that happens simply because you were there…such as spending a night in a Botswana jail cell or getting held up at AK-point by Mexican drug smugglers. Or getting drunk on Tusker beer somewhere east of the Amboseli plains before wrestling a Masai warrior for five bucks. Final Schoby life lesson: No matter how tempting it seems, don’t wear a tux and a custom kilt while stalking stags in Scotland…the locals don’t approve.

Colin Jones

Colin Jones - CFO

I love high-end tequila, expensive guns, and the best food money can buy. I also relish my Texas background and cherish the simplistic lifestyle that rural America brings. My 9-year NFL career, mostly with the Carolina Panthers, brought many ups and downs, including playing in Super Bowl 50 and being voted team captain. My wife always made sure every bye week could be filled with an epic hunting adventure on my short mid-season getaways. Midwest bow hunting and recreational land development is my unrivaled passion. The complete process involved in growing free range Boone and Crockett whitetails, and raising my boys in this environment, holds a special place in my heart.

Dave Eder

David Eder - CEO

I’m a lifelong outdoorsman, and I’ve been hunting and fishing since I could hold a rod or shoulder a gun. From tarpon fishing in the Keys, to elk hunting in the West, to fly fishing in Alaska, bowhunting in Botswana, and spearfishing in Montauk, I’ve made some incredible memories, but I’ll always enjoy deer and duck hunting on my native Long Island, New York, the most. I’ve spent 25 years in the outdoor industry. After college, I worked as an editor for Outdoor Life / Field and Stream Magazines, Harris publications and Petersen’s Bowhunting Magazine. I then started Eders Archery and BowhuntingOutlet.com which have become two of the largest retailers of archery and bowhunting equipment in the world. Four years ago, I founded Droptine Spirits – a line of bourbon and vodka for outdoorsmen. Of all of my business endeavors, I am most excited about Field Ethos. It is a true honor to be able to share the stories, the cultures and shared dreams that outdoorsmen seek. We hope to make Field Ethos a home for both the accomplished and aspiring outdoorsman.

Allen Bolen - Archery Editor

Although my dad didn’t hunt, as a boy I was mesmerized by my grandfather’s hunting stories from the Great Depression. When I was 11 years old, I started reading every hunting magazine that I could get my hands on. I was fascinated by the adventure and the chase. I knew that someday hunting would become a big part of my life. Today, I am a fanatical bowhunter. I am obsessed with every aspect of the sport, from the technicalities of archery to the need to stalk-in and shoot from close range. I am also an unapologetic trophy hunter. I have made it a personal quest to hunt Boone and Crockett class animals with my bow. Alas, I am a man addicted to challenge and impassioned by the journey. I was once asked if I’d rather bowhunt giant trophies or have an enjoyable and memorable experience in the field. My answer is simply, “Yes.”


with Donald Trump Jr, Colin Jones, and Luke KUECHLY