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Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr.


Most people see me as a businessman, a figure in the political world and a family man. While I certainly love all of these things I also felt the need to work on a passion project in the world of hunting, fishing and adventure.

Myself along with several friends launched Field Ethos Journal as a small business dedicated to telling the stories of time in the field. Our brand focuses on the things that truly matter to us: the places we go, the people we meet, the cultures we experience, the adventures that lie in wait for anyone willing to take a step into the unknown and the global successes of conservation that preserve all of these things for generations to come. 

I hope you’ll follow along and even take part in what we’re doing. Life’s greatest adventures are ahead of us all.

Jason Vincent

Jason Vincent

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Having devoted a significant portion of my life to the front lines of conservation, environmental protection and hunting I’ve become more and more concerned with the future of these things and where our generation is getting their influence.

To me, hunting, fishing and the places I visit have always been about the overall experience. The next catch or kill often remains just one small detail in the stories I bring home.

Field Ethos is in response to these things. We’re dedicated to the bigger picture of it all -the relationships we form, the amazing places we go, the incredible gifts we’ve been given as stewards of the outdoors and the areas where we can make an impact for the future.

Thanks for taking part in this project and I invite you to contribute your own stories to the Field Ethos brand.

We’re outdoor adventure seekers with hunting, fishing, travel and conservation at the center of our DNA.  For too long mainstream media and corporations have defined the narratives of time in the field.  Our Journal is changing that.  We’re giving a voice to you: the nomads, sojourners, and the searchers.  By delivering content from contributors worldwide, Field Ethos will tell the stories of the adventure minded – whether that’s travel to remote corners of the world or a trip to the woods outside of town.

Through rich content across platforms in print, online, film, social media and conversations on the Field Ethos podcast, we’re making you, our audience, the story tellers.


This is Field Ethos.

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