The Field Ethos Podcast – episode 48 – Spies Like Us

Former CIA case officer, Doug Patteson, is now a consultant and entertainment producer. Equally at home in the markets of Manila, a Hollywood studio or a boardroom in New York, Doug is a highly sought-after expert. Certified in HUMINT collection and counterterrorism with multiple overseas tours, today Doug is also a professor at the University of New Hampshire.

Doug has consulted on film and television projects for SONY Pictures Classics, CBS Television, Universal Pictures, and numerous others.

Further, Doug runs, a website focused on the history of intelligence collection. Doug also serves as CFO of Turbocam International, a multinational manufacturer headquartered in New Hampshire.

Doug is a published author, with publications focused on security, travel safety, and intelligence, including pieces for and three chapters of the book More Stories from Langley.

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