Taurus: Brand Investigation Pt 1

Taurus: Brand Investigation Pt 1

By Jason Vincent, Field Ethos Founder

Taurus Chapter 1: WTF?

Taurus? No.

This has been my mindset about the brand for over a decade now…because they’ve earned it. The company has built a long-standing reputation of producing value-priced guns that are “usually solid,”…but sometimes not. 

“Usually solid” works in a million scenarios. If I told you that I could guarantee you a blackjack table where you’d win 80 percent of the hands, would you gamble? Hell yes, you would. I love those odds in Vegas.

But what if I told you I had a defensive gun I wanted you to carry into a sketchy situation and it was 80-percent reliable? Or if I said, “We fired 10 magazines out of this gun and eight of them worked?” Would you bet your life on this weapon?

Hell no you wouldn’t. We’re after 100-percent reliability with our carry guns. We seek faith.

So how could Field Ethos possibly consider working with Taurus? Shit, I still have a lot of friends who bet their lives on their sidearms every day. How could I possibly recommend one of these guns to them? 

Taurus needs to prove themselves first, and Bret Vorhees is working on that.

Bret is Taurus USA’s CEO.

For a year I had people telling me I needed to meet and hang out with Bret. The sequence went something like this:

“Have you met Taurus’ new CEO Bret Vorhees?”

“Dude, you should hang out with Bret Vorhees.”

“Bret Vorhees was our podcast guest a week before you came on. That guy is awesome.”

“Dude, have you seen the new Taurus .22?”

And these were not questions or statements from your average gun guy. This was the chatter from credible gun-industry friends. Guys like Mike Schoby. Guys like Kevin Brittingham–a pal, Owner of Q, and a true gearhead who rarely has praise for someone even remotely in his competitive space. 

You see, Bret isn’t your typical gun industry CEO … because Bret comes from the product development side. 

He’s been on the ground floor of projects that produced world-class guns.

Really badass guns. 

Reliable guns.

Guns you may already own.

Think … Walther.

The next time I heard Bret’s name, it came via a phone call from across the world. My good friend Andrew Pringle who owns Crusader Safaris in South Africa rang me on WhatsApp.

“Hey, J, I know you wanted to book the whole camp for you and your mates, but a guy named Bret Vorhees is going to be here before you guys arrive, and it looks like his trip may overlap with yours for four days. Is that cool?”

“No problem, man. I need to meet the guy anyway.”

Now for the abridged ending to Taurus Chapter 1 …

I’ve known Bret for six months. I’ve hunted with Bret. We’ve had many a drink together on multiple continents (this is important because when you’re truly in the spirit world with someone, you rapidly accelerate your understanding of them.)

We’ve become friends.

I’m only friends with people I trust.

Eighty percenters don’t make the list.

So when Bret tells me he’s elbow deep in projects that will redefine what we think of Taurus, I believe him.

More to come.