Sunday Q&A July 7th

Questions by not-so-anonymous Instagram users. Answers by Jason Vincent.

Our Instagram Sunday Q&A is a weekly—or semiweekly depending on JV’s mood that day—chance for you to interact with our team directly. Ask whatever you like, insult us if you please, just don’t go crying about it when JV puts you in your place.

For those of you who are not completely inept, your answers will be swift and educational, leading you to knowledge akin to that of the ancient philosophers who helped drive our species from the Stone Age to modernity. That last part may not be true, but we sure as hell will give you our opinion and help you with whatever problems need solving.

We decided to post these Q&As here so those who had something better to do than look at Instagram on a Sunday afternoon or are dedicated to their craft and actually work Monday morning, can revel in the glory and enjoy some much-needed humor, quality product recommendations, and possible links to Schoby’s Onlyfans page.

*If you are assigned laps, these are not optional—all laps are mandatory and need to be filmed and sent to the Field Ethos Instagram account upon completion. Lap distance is arbitrary, only you know the full weight of your stupidity. Go the distance that feels right.


Q: That person last week who asked why .416 Rigby for Rogue needs a lap…

A: Take a lap for not letting go of the past.

Q: Grizzly hunt in Alaska?

A: Yes. It’s a great way to spend $30K to $50K.

Q: For X-Bolt 2 (Lord’s Caliber) used mostly in Western US: McMillan or Mountain Pro?

A: Browning X-Bolt 2 Pro McMillan Carbon Fiber.

Q: Solid medium-sized gun safe?

A: SnapSafe by Hornady.

Assemble in place.  

Q: Looking for a lightweight, semiauto .308, suggestions?

A: Stag Arms Pursuit AR.

Have one. Runs perfect suppressed or unsuppressed. Sub MOA. Awesome.

Q: Any experience hunting in Argentina?

A: Yes. Birds and big game with different outfitters. It’s great.

Tony at Outrider Adventures is one of the most experienced hunters out there when it comes to lodges and outfitters in South America. Message him: .

Q: Can we get a private pond fisherman shirt?

A: No.

Q: Ever work with any muzzleloader brands? In the market and trying to home in on one.

A: Muzzleloaders are the worst but Gunwerks makes a really good one.

Q: Volume not being a factor. Do you prefer suppressed 5.56 or .300 BLK for home defense?

A: Suppressed .300 BLK but 5.56 is great, too.

Q: What’s your Aimpoint ACRO P-2 collab availability goal?

A: We’d like to sell around 10 million of them.

Q: Can we get any details on the second FE/Q Fix collab?

A: Soon, right @datboijayp?

Q: Have you read Red Sky Mourning? Thoughts?

A: Working on it.

Ready to be done with the AI supercomputer living deep within the dark web that will only talk to our hero theme.

Q: Do your chest rigs come shipped with a compartment filled with a flask of cheap whiskey?

A: We don’t drink cheap whiskey. We drink cheap beer. Lap.

Q: Which hunt are you looking forward to the most in Fall 2024?

A: Australia buffalo/banteng with:




& Doc Reece

Q: Was never a watch guy until you guys talked about them. Got a Seiko Sport 5 this week as a beater!

A: Nice. Call Gunderson Jewelers when you’re ready to take the addiction to the next level.

Ask for Bre.

Q: What’s your opinion on the Springfield XD line?

A: They’re great but they’ve never been a favorite.

Q: Any good shoulder holsters out there?

A: Galco Holsters Miami rig. We all have them.

Q: Recommendations or experience selecting .416 bullets for Cape buffalo?

A: Have not killed a buffalo with a .416, but you can’t go wrong with Hornady dangerous game ammo. Softs and solids.

Q: Your pick for an SBR for home defense? Looking at a POF USA Minuteman.

A: Either get a Sons of Liberty or a Honey Badger for Q.

Actually, get both. They’re very different.

Q: Can you have Winchester make a M70 in .300 PRC?

A: No. Wouldn’t want it if they did. CRF is not the ideal action for a precision long-range rig.

Q: Y’all like the TaurusTX 22, correct?

A: We love it.

Q: Favorite Bible verse?

A: Romans 12.12.

Q: Thoughts on the .277 Fury?

A: If you want a round that’s really hard to find and offers maybe a fractional benefit then it’s the round for you.

Q: Got any pull at Springfield? I need a lefty Waypoint?

A: Not enough pull to have them shut down their entire manufacturing line to retool for the 3 of you lefty shooters that will actually buy them.

Q: When are you launching the Big Ball Sack with FE golf balls?

A: No idea what that is but we will never sell a golf product. 2 Laps.

Q: Best shooter in the group. Non LEO/Veteran.

A: @donaldjtrumpjr can outshoot all of us including @terry.houin (DEVGRU sniper). I’d bet money on it.

Terry could outshoot all of us combined if someone was shooting back.

We need to have a competition to prove the first part of my theory.

Q: What are your thoughts on saddle hunting?

A: Is there even a hunting season during Pride Month? Lap.

Q: New P365 Legion? Yay or nay?

A: The Sig 365’s are awesome. Better with each factory upgrade. Can’t go wrong.

Q: Is the 6 Max suitable for whitetail?

A: Very. @mikemihalski took some with it during deer season with us last year in Georgia.

Q: Any new caps or t-shirts in the works?

A: Yes. Unstructured Safety 3rd hats coming the next few days.

Q: Sako 85 .375 H&H mag, yay or nay?

A: Yay. Sako considers these controlled-feed actions. That’s a bit of a stretch, but they’re very, very good rifles.

Q: 6.5-pound .300 Win. Mag. Best way to tame the recoil?

A: Switch from White Claw to Guinness. Lap

Q: Ever considered chasing Tahr or Chamois in New Zealand?

A: Yes. We were supposed to do this hunt this year, but @colhauser22’s schedule was tough. We’re going next year.

Q: Make some anti-golfing merch.

A: All our merch is anti-golf merch as we’re an anti-golf company.

Q: Moose hunt in CA this fall. Can you check a yeti full of meat and a duffle bag with a cape?

A: If you can afford a moose hunt you can afford the shipping. Or you can do what Sitka guys do and walk through the airport with the cape and antlers strapped to your back, so everyone knows you’re a douchebag.

Q: Leupold Scopes. Application: Africa Plains game. Top two models please.

A: Luepold Mark 5HD 3-18 or VX-6HD  3-18.

Q: Possible to get just a left FE Island Slipper? The left one went for a swim on Friday.

A: Surely there’s an owner of a miserable German Shorthaired Pointer that only has a left flip flop survivor.

Q: Is it worth getting a used Brietling watch with no maintenance history or just buy a Sieko or Luminox.

A: Lots of counterfeits out there.

Q: Opinion on wearing camo while on safari? Any reason for or against?

A: Either is fine. Your tracker likely won’t be wearing camo and he’s the best hunter of the crew. If you mimic him you could pretty much hunt in a Barney costume.

Q: Has FE looked into importing a cruiser for an official “Company Vehicle?”

A: We’ve looked at everything including putting Trump back in the White House and kidnapping his eldest son until he changes the regulations.

Q: Best tripod for optics and laser level? Needing another write off.

A: For optics level, use the Standley ball mount vice we have at the FE office. Cheap on Amazon and articulates 360 degrees for an easy level. But get a Two Vets Tripod.

Q: Top five items to make sure you have on hand for a hurricane?

A: Generator, fuel, beer, beer, food.

Q: Any chance you think we’ll see the Fix in the Lord’s Caliber?

A: Highly likely.

Q: If you wanted a 10mm auto and it wasn’t a Glock, what would you go after?

A: Sig P220 is a favorite.

Q: Favorite short bolt gun to run a suppressor on? Thinking .308, but open to suggestions.

A: The Fix by Q in 8.6 Blackout or .300 Blackout.

Q: Omega or Breitling?

A: Both are awesome.

Q: Stepdad going to Alaska next month, but he’s a yuppie. What should I send him to do?  

A: He sounds awful. Book him a round of golf.

Q: FE x Watches of Espionage collab?

A: You asked your fiancé turned wife turned mother of your child for permission to buy an Omega.

This is the opposite of espionage.


But you could one day see us do something with @watchesofespionage

Q: Just finished hunting with Big Country. Sent you a photo. It was awesome.

A: @bigcountrysafaris better be stocking up on beer and tourniquets. October will be here soon.

Q: Rogue ready for safari in April 25?

A: Easily. You’ll see the first shipment of @rigbygunmakers Rogue rifles pretty soon. There’s already a line forming so a good bit of them are already spoken for by true killers.

We’ll have some exclusive things planned for Rogue owners, but we may make you sign a document swearing it will not be a safe queen.

Q: Bipod for the Recce rifle?

A: Spartan Precision.

Q: A FE/Tudor collaboration would be pretty legendary.

A:  You would never see Rolex or Tudor work with us because of a certain controversial president’s son.

It’s fine though. There are some really cool watchmakers out there that we’re already working on projects with.

Q: Listening to old podcasts. Is the watch collaboration project going to happen?

A: Yes. Working on 2. One is taking a long time because of the movement we requested.

The second one is still in planning phase but it’s going to happen.

Q: Details on the Q collab fix? Be out in time to take advantage of the free can promo?

A: Should be, right @datboijayp?

Q: Best camera for both stills and video for hunting trips?

A: The Sony cameras are great for this.

Q: Am I a peasant for not having one of these watches you talk about all the time?

A: Not at all. Watch people are watch people. They’re not for everyone.

A Casio G-Shock should not be overlooked by the utilitarian types.

Q: The Lord’s Caliber…Please Clarify…Thanks!

A: .300 Win. Mag. It’s always available, and it will smite every animal create by God.

Q: First three modifications to make to new M70 Alaskan when it arrives?

A: My first Alaskan mod was a McMillan stock. Will post pictures this week. Next, I’ll have the barrel cut to 21-inches and have the iron sights upgraded. Last will be full black Cerakote on the metal.

Q: Follow up on the other dude’s question. Favorite proper safari attire?

A: Short shorts and lightweight short sleeve button up from Poncho Outdoors.

Courteney coots from African Sporting Creations.

Q: Any recommendation for a truck topper? Seems very useful hunting out West.

A: SmartCap.  Schoby has one and it’s very nice.

Q: Thoughts on the CZ 600?

A: Haven’t touched one. Still in mourning over the discontinuation of the CZ 550 American Safari Magnum. CZ, you hurt us.

Q: In my country everyone recommends 12-gauge rubber slugs for home defense. Bad?

A: The people you’re defending yourself against will likely not be using them. Act accordingly.

Q: Waterproof jacket recommendations for fishing/hunting?

A: Kuiu Kutana Storm Shell.

Q: Any experience with Tract optics?

A: Yep. They’re solid. They advertise Schott glass which is found in high end European optics. What most people don’t know is that premium glass is only one step. Swarovski is Swarovski because they use premium glass AND very advanced coatings. The coatings make a huge difference.

Tract is solid but don’t expect them to perform like a premium euro optic.

The one I have is one of their early scopes. It was manufactured in Japan by Light Optical Works. LOW makes the premium line scopes for a lot of your favorite scope companies. They’re good at what they do.

Q: Rad adventure ideas for middle class Midwesterners.

A: Get on a street-legal dirt bike or dual sport and go ride the Northern Wisconsin Adventure Trail in October. 900-mile loop up to Lake Superior mostly off road using the snowmobile infrastructure between towns. You can camp out in some beautiful primitive areas. Lost lake was the best spot.

I’ve done it. Amazing experience.

Q: Any of you guys have an EarthRoamer?

A: No, those are over a million for a decked-out version. I did have an Earth Cruiser when I lived at the beach. It’s a bicycle but it had a mounted koozie on a swivel so my beer wouldn’t spill when it turned. Best $300 I ever spent.

Q: My watch curiosity is peaked. Any solid start watches in the $500-$1000 range?

A: A ton of them. CWC Watches is a good one to check out first.


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