Springfield Prodigy: Gateway Drug

By Dave Thomas

I like 1911’s. I don’t own many, nor do I carry them, but I like them. Every red-blooded American ought to have one. They’re heavy, easily outdone in the capacity category, but hot damn they’re fun to shoot.

When Springfield released their Prodigy DS line awhile back, of course I was interested. Optics cut, double stack mags starting at 17 rounds and going to 26 rounds, and 4.25” and 5” length slide options. And with an MSRP range of $1499-$1699 that meant we (the plebes) might actually have an entry level race gun option within our grasp. So when I had the option to pick one up, I did.

It’s a slick setup for the optics. I know the next line will ruffle some feathers in the industry but I’m going to say it anyway. Springfield took a page out of Glock’s MOS book and worked with Agency Arms to build an optics plate system for multiple red dots. Which is good, because these plates allow for almost every available footprint on the market today.

When I went looking for the RMR/Holosun plate however, they were out of stock. After a month of digging I stumbled across C&H Precision Weapons, who has already come to market with steel adapter plates to fill the void. So into the cart went the Holosun 507c plate, and off to the range I went to zero and get a fam fire in the books.

I gotta say I’m a little out of practice. Shooting is a perishable skill and though mine was mostly dead, I managed to bring it back to life after a little embarrassment. It didn’t hurt that I was running a steel framed double stack with an optic and a match-grade stainless barrel sporting an 11° crown. That combo kinda feels like cheating. The Prodigy trigger is clean and crisp with minimal takeup. Like everything 1911 related you can refine it though, as both EGW and Infinity make Ignition Kits for the platform. And for the love of whatever deity you hold holy, if you don’t know what you’re doing pay an actual gunsmith to install them. 

Pros: Forged frame and slide, 11° match barrel, AOS plate system for multiple optics, 17/20/26 round mag options, street price between $1300-$1500

Cons: 33oz, almost non-existent slide release, AOS plate availability is hit or miss

Bottom line? If you want to visit the race gun world without taking out a second mortgage, Springfield has your ticket. This ends one of two ways though. Either you’re happy with the experience, or you go down a very expensive rabbit hole and your wife leaves you when the credit card bill shows up.

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