Springfield Garrison 1911 Review

By Jason Vincent 

“I’m a bit ashamed to say I’m into revolvers because I like how they look.”

I got this message from one of our regular Field Ethos writers -a lifestyle contributor and not a huge gun guy. 

My response:

“Buying a gun for looks, I do this all the time.”

The reason this conversation adds some shape to a Springfield Garrison 1911 article is because of the inevitable comments made by gun nerds about the 1911’s diminished practicality in today’s world.  It’s 2023, so we’re well past the 100-year anniversary of the invention of the 1911 pistol and, for once, mankind has used the time wisely.

Advancements in polymers, machining and computer-aided design have all improved sidearm performance in almost every scenario. Even the staunchest 1911 advocate will agree to this…when he’s drunk…in a basement…alone.

But if we let practicality dictate things, we’d all be driving tan colored Toyota Camrys. Women’s thong underwear -just a boyhood dream. 

Thank God some companies make things because they look good.

The Springfield Garrison .45 is a good example of a sexy and highly functional gun that doesn’t fit the modern definition of practical. Tenifer rust-proof finish? Nope, gloss blued. Plastic grips? Negative, real trees were killed to make these. 17 rounds of 9mm? How about 7 rounds of the king -230 grains of ‘kill a commie for mommy’ .45ACP ball ammo. 


Because it’s fuckin’ cool. Because it looks great with a leather holster, a Hawaiian print shirt and a Ferrari (you should already have two of the three). Because every man needs a cookout gun and because during show and tell over a beer you want something a commoner wouldn’t pull.

Practical things are easy to forget about. They inspire nothing. They’re boring. They have a place, but they’re just a means to some end. Good looking objects, on the other hand, illicit feeling and this classic looking .45 will put a smile on your face while you mysteriously come to realizations like, “I need some Ray Ban aviators.” “I really should be wearing a gold chain necklace.” “I miss smoking.” and, suddenly, “All my shorts are waaaay too long.”

“Whatever happened to wine coolers?”

Moving on.

A man should have many guns. Some should be practical, and some should just be cool. The Springfield Garrison is cool.

Pros: Looks great. This one has been 100% reliable. Don Trump Jr. borrowed it for a few months and didn’t want to give it back because of how accurate he was with it.

Cons: Heavy. Only holds 7-8 rounds.

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