SnapSafe TrekLite Lock Box Review

By Jeff Johnston, FE Hunting & Shooting Editor

I’m the dude who used to have a dozen or more loaded firearms laying around my crib at any given time. But those days are over. These days my three-year-old walks around with that gleam in his eye that says he’s ready to squeeze off his first desk pop. So anytime my piece isn’t on my person, it’s either fully unloaded or securely locked up. But that’s easier accomplished at home than, God forbid, in a cheap motel on the outskirts of Amarillo. 

So recently I broke down and bought a TrekLite Lock Box, a dedicated pistol case from SnapSafe that works perfectly in the truck, on my bedside table and even at the airport check-in desk. 

The hard-polymer TrekLite case features an integral combination lock that prevents me from losing any key. However, if I forget the combination to the programmable lock—something entirely possible in my frazzled state when traveling with the fam—a TSA keyhole gives me a backup plan. 

Inside, the thing is simple: Three loaves of foam keep my gun or guns (it’s big enough to hold two pistols) from sliding around and getting banged up too badly when the blue-haired activist baggage handler decides to play frisbee with it. 

Thanks to a metal-reinforced mousehole on one side, a cable can be attached to the TrekLite and then locked to anything so that it doubles as a childproof, bedside/automobile lock box that can’t be stolen without a little effort—namely a pair of cable cutters—on the part of the thief. I like the fact that the entire unit, at 1.6 pounds and just over 2 inches thick, takes up minimal room in my bag while traveling, and can fit in a truck center console or backpack when I hit the road. 

This case delivers peace of mind. My guns are secure and out of reach of raccoon-like hands, but I can still access them quickly if an intruder isn’t deterred by the “trespassers will be shot” sign. And, when I head to the airport, I can focus all my energy exclusively on asking why my properly-stored firearm that was carefully placed in my checked luggage and diligently declared to the TSA arrived in Chicago … when Florida was my final destination.           

Cost: $40

Pros: compact, keyless, TSA approved, inexpensive, can be used for travel or home security

Cons: doesn’t prevent the airlines from losing it altogether

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