Silencer Central’s Banish 30 Review

By Mike Schoby

Next to our Leupold sunglasses review, this may be our shortest product review yet.

Reason: The Banish 30 suppressor simply doesn’t need a lot of explaining. 

Designed as a hunting suppressor, it is crafted entirely from a titanium alloy and is capable of handling everything from .17s through all Magnum 30s. It is rated for “limited” full auto use–which is good if you run a Remington 7600 like a ‘yupper on a deer drive. 

The Banish can be converted from its long configuration of 9 inches/13 ounces to a short 7 inches/10 ounces by removing the end segment that contains two of its 8 total baffles. (BTW, if you consider 7 inches short, I envy you). The Banish can be completely disassembled for cleaning from either end. 

I mounted it on a Springfield Waypoint 6.5 PRC and wrapped it with a Devour heat cover. Due to the can’s light weight, the rifle’s overall balance was better than most other rifle/can combos I’ve used, but even so its suppression was still fantastic. Silencer Central claims 34db—and not having laboratory-rated testing equipment, I’ll have to take their word for it–but it passed the ear test with flying colors. (That is to say, if shooting it without hearing protection fucks with my hearing, it fails.) 

Under the Banish line there are seven models covering everything from .22 rimfires to .46 caliber rifles.

Enough said. Jump on and have one delivered directly to your door.