SCOTUS Overrules Bump Stock Ban

By Mr. Pink

On June 13th  the U.S. Supreme Court voted 6-3 that the addition of a bump stock to a semi-auto rifle doesn’t turn it into a fully automatic one. The ruling makes bump stocks legal again after they were banned in 2019 in response to a deranged mass shooter who killed 60 concert goers from his Mandalay Bay hotel window in 2017.

The decision has the Left screaming that it needs to “rein in” the Supreme Court. (I find this rather ironic, coming from the people who are currently jailing their political opponents by way of their corrupt Department of Justice, but that’s another matter.) 

Moments after the decision was announced, the Giffords anti-gun group posted a tweet lamenting the decision along with a photo of … not a bump stock, but a collapsible CAR-15 stock. That’s right, the asshats who lobbied so hard to ban bump stocks don’t even know what one is. 

Here are three facts about bump stocks:

  1. Bump stocks do not legally turn guns into fully automatic machine guns because one is defined by being capable of firing multiple shots with one pull of the trigger,” whereas the definition of a semi-automatic rifle is one shot per trigger pull. A bump stock works by using the recoil of the gun and the bump stock’s spring to move the trigger into the shooter’s trigger finger, allowing the trigger to be pulled in faster succession. 
  2. Guns equipped with gimmicky bump stocks must be held loosely in the hand so that recoil can move the gun forward and back, and therefore shooting with a bump stock is wildly inaccurate. There is a reason most military weapons are fitted with three-round burst modes rather than continuous fire: It’s because shoulder-fired guns fired by average soldiers in full-auto mode most often result in huge wastes of ammo. Bump stock-equipped guns are much worse. Serious civilian shooters know this, and that’s why nearly all serious shooters view bump stocks as a fun novelty for showing off to friends on a range only. This is further proven by the fact that not many gun owners bitched when bump stocks were banned: Bump stocks were the sacrificial low-hanging fruit that would in practice affect them little. (We argued against a ban in general more than an argument for bump stocks.)
  3. Had the Las Vegas shooter taken swift but controlled fire with an accurate semi-auto, the psycho bastard who also tried to blow up the jet fuel tank at nearby McCarran Airport very likely would have killed more innocent people. In other words, we should be thankful he used bump stocks. Indeed, the very fact that he outfitted his guns with them indicates he didn’t know what the fuck he was doing—and again, we should all be thankful for that.     

Now that the Supreme Court has reversed the ban on bump stocks, hell, I might go buy one myself. Because if there is one thing that bump stocks do well, it’s triggering anti-gunners with machine-gun-like rapidity. Guns and silly accessories don’t cause the problem. Sick people do. 

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