Better Than A Scarf

By Mike Schoby

Consider the Nighthawk Custom VIP Agent 2 a Rolex.  Do you need a Rolex to tell time? Nope. You own a Rolex to remind you of a period of success, a tangible marker of a certain accomplishment…this pistol is no different.  You don’t need it to punch holes in paper, or to defend your hearth and home.  You need it to show your buddies that you are a man of fine taste, appreciate the best and pay enough in taxes to support a small community. You buy it because if you left it up to your wife, you would get a scarf on your birthday for breaking your ass all year.  You buy it because you can.

If you’re prone to sticker shock, then stop reading here. If you are the type of guy that reads Car and Driver for Prius reviews, not Robb Report for the Ferrari road test, this gun is not for you.  But if you are into the best of the best, perfectly made, investment-grade firearms, read on.

I have never held a Nighthawk that wasn’t best-in-class. One Gun One Gunsmith is their motto and the quality of any Nighthawk is apparent at first glance.  Slide to frame fit is perfect, barrel lock up has zero play, the feed ramp is polished to a mirror finish— all while maintaining reliability and extreme accuracy: the supplied five shot test target looks like one hole – not a ragged hole, but one hole. All Nighthawks are awesome, but the VIP Agent 2 is a cut above.

Nighthawk crafted this model in collaboration with Turnbull Restoration, which is known for the finest color case hardening, nitre bluing, and charcoal bluing in the industry. The VIP Agent 2 features classic notes combined with modern sensibilities. Start with the frame – the case color hardening accented with nitre pins and high-polished safety and slide release immediately set it apart. 

The slide by Agency Arms features deep serrations fore and aft and premium Heine sights, the front sporting a 14-carat gold bead. It’s traditional 1911 in design – two-piece guide rod, standard barrel contour with a typical bushing. In a nod to the modern Nighthawk fluted the chamber area and added a couple of slide cuts for flare. But this is not just a show pony. If a well-heeled gentleman wants to keep an Agent 2 in his nightstand to shoot an invading scumbag at night, a pic rail on the dust cover allows for a light and the extended, beveled magwell makes reloads of the magazine quick and reliable. It comes with two fully-jeweled mags, but I doubt you will ever need the second in a gunfight. 

Of course, like any modern 1911 it has beavertail safety, extended thumb safety, front and back serrations on the frame and a skeletonized hammer. And as one would expect, the trigger breaks at 3 pounds with zero felt overtravel. The grips are mastodon, because they look cool as shit and next to saber-tooth tiger penis, nothing is more rare or extinct. 

If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.  If you don’t have to ask, order one today and don’t even bother telling the wife. 

Pros: Fitting of a cartel boss

Cons: It is so difficult to become a cartel boss these days.