Life on the edge


Geoff Rowley

I was born in Liverpool, England on June 6, 1976, one of the hottest summer years on record. I went to the same high school as John Lennon and would take a lunch break on Penny Lane (yes, a real place). Occasionally, I would ditch class to explore Strawberry Fields, an overgrown and abandoned property behind the school Lennon went to. 

I was an avid footballer (soccer player) growing up. It was my first passion. I slept with the ball and in the kit often. I still love watching and following the game. Liverpool is my team.  Once I started skateboarding, my football time slowly diminished, and a new passion took its place. I was 13 years old and loved the freedom of expression and adrenalin rushes that skating gave me. I always wanted to go faster, farther, and harder right from the get-go.

The same still remains.  

I was also hooked on the skateboard artwork and mesmerized by the amount of detail in the mostly hand-screened art.

I have been a professional skateboarder since I was 16 years old and moved to the USA on July 2, 1994, with $153 in my pocket and a dream.

The American Dream!

I am now at the ripe age of 45 years old and still actively trying to push myself physically and mentally to progress my skating. I am also an American Citizen with a fiancé and two kids. I’ve broken lots of bones and had too many surgeries to note. The last major injury being a kidney laceration from a slam. But I cannot and will not stop. I just love hammering at it. 

As I’ve grown older and my body has needed more and more attention, my passion has shifted more and more to hunting. All kinds of hunting.

I love it all.

I mostly prefer an open-sighted lever-action rifle as my weapon of choice. I prefer the simplicity of the action and overall firearm design. I like to throw my guns around a little and iron sights suit that style of hunting – fast and dirty…Western.

I was introduced to hunting at around 13-15 years old by a good friend (yes skater!) that was also a wildlife artist and hunting guide in the US -mostly for whitetail, turkey, and bear. He lived in England and also worked for the forestry commission on deer and animal management on lots of the North English woodlands, or what is left of them.  He taught me the patience of predator calling and the specifics of location set-up and sound sequence, still-hunting quietly and effectively through woodlands, and spot and stalking deer in the high country. He also taught me how to pattern animal movements to set up for a shot, how to read the wind and weather, how to track and trail, and read animal sign. I am forever indebted to my friend Andrew Warrington for introducing me to REAL hunting and to the pleasures of watching the full cycle of life unfold.

Although I’m still very much a skater, you can be sure my mind is also actively hunting with that very same intensity and commitment 24 / 7, and 365 days of the year. In the coming months, I’m going to write about some of my personal hunts, past and present.  My hopes are that you, the reader, will learn a little, laugh a little, and get a kick out of some of the ridiculous hunting situations I have gotten myself into…LIFE ON THE EDGE is very real for some of us, and this cat is no exception.  

You have been warned.

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