Full Bar Chest Rig

By Jeff Johnston, FE Hunting & Shooting Editor

Schoby and I were bowhunting in southwestern Montana when suddenly the woods became quiet. You know, when-the-birds-stop-chirping-and-the-chipmunks-stop-chipmunking-type of quiet that feels as if Leatherface is about to rev the Husqvarna and burst from the closet. We both instantly froze. Moments later we heard a log crunch 30 yards into the brush to our right. I was hopeful it was a bull elk, but I learned it wasn’t when I glimpsed the blonde fur of a grizzly bear cub 20 yards to our left side. 

Oh fuck. 

This of course meant that it was likely momma to our right who made the noise, and so were now directly between the two bears. Yet it was so thick that we couldn’t see a damn thing. 

I’ve been repeatedly told that if you ever find yourself in such a situation, you should make a shitload of noise while slowly walking backwards to safety. But nope. From the corner of my eye I saw Schoby reach for the 10mm in the right side pocket of his Full Bar Chest Rig, draw it, and then creep forward. It became apparent to me right there and then that either he really wanted to capture an exciting story for the pages of Field Ethos … or perhaps he was just tired of living. Like the idiot I am, I followed him.

And like most backcountry bear tales, this one also ended in dissapointing fashion. We never saw either bear again. 

We eventually entered a meadow where we lowered our guard for the first time in 30 palm-sweating minutes. Schoby reached into the left side pocket of his Full Bar Chest Rig. He drew a flask of bourbon, took a swig and then handed it to me with no words mentioned. I turned it upside down briefly before handing it back. And that’s when it became apparent: We don’t always drink to get drunk. 

*The Full Bar Chest rig is a collaboration between Field Ethos and Armageddon Gear. With its simple-yet-indestructible waxed canvas build, it’s got all the pockets you need to keep your vital gear protected yet handy. It features a central bino pouch flanked by two draw-string pockets for whatever, as well as two elastic side stash holes and a zippered pocket in front for important stuff like your tag. Mesh pockets in the back hold your phone neatly against your chest. Its magnetic closure is as quiet as a cobra. We chose it because after trying them all, we feel this one is the best. Is it worth the money? Just ask Schoby. $200   

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