Colluding to Bankrupt Gun Companies

By Mr. Pink

On January 22, 2024, a three-judge panel in Boston, led by Obama appointee Judge William J. Kayatta Jr., overruled a lower court opinion when it said that Mexico can continue with a $10 billion lawsuit against U.S.-based firearm manufacturers Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Glock, Barrett and Beretta. 

The lawsuit, of course, is a win-win for the current U.S. and Mexican governments who are clearly colluding against the gun industry. For Mexico, it’s a quick money grab that comes with snazzy headlines suggesting that its inept government is fighting for the safety of its people. For anti-gun U.S. leaders who cannot overcome the rights or will of the American people legally, it’s simply a scheme they hope leads to the bankruptcy of these upstanding companies—even if the companies are ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing.

I find the ruling, and the timing of it, rather ironic when you consider that currently 12,000 illegal and unvetted aliens per day are pouring across our southern border and onto the welcome mat that was hand-placed by our own treasonous government and funded by us, the taxpayers. Meanwhile, Mexican cartels are having a heyday exploiting the Biden Administration’s asinine policies by trafficking record amounts of sex slaves and Chinese-made fentanyl into our homeland; the former is destroying the most precious of lives while the latter is killing Americans to the tune of 70,000 per year. 

I’m not sure what’s more egregious: Mexico having the balls to sue U.S. gun manufacturers who they claim are purposely killing Mexicans with their products…or radical left-wing courts who are allowing a foreign nation to wreck job-providing companies. It’s unconscionable…and illegal on its face.  

Congressionally passed “lawsuit preemption” laws are in place that are designed to protect American companies from exactly this type of activist, tort-based bullshit. Under U.S. law, if a gun is defective, the company can be sued and damages recovered—but gun companies cannot be sued if a person uses its non-defective gun in a criminal or negligent capacity. Allowing such action would quickly bankrupt every industry in the country, including automobile manufacturers, baseball bat companies, 5-gallon bucket molders—hell, even padlock and sock designers. Still, such laws seemingly don’t apply to liberal courts who take the Saul Alinksy any-means-to-an-end approach in destroying the things they clearly fear more than the MS-13 gang members who they routinely set free: guns and capitalism.           

Rest assured this isn’t the first time such a government-sanctioned, legal end-around shenanigan has been tried. You may remember back in 2010 when our own government initiated “Operation Fast & Furious” that provided over 2,000 weapons (costing over $1 million) to the cartels under the eventual claim that the ATF would track the weapons to uncover Mexico’s illicit firearm dealer networks. Of course the scheme resulted in no meaningful cartel arrests, the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, an ignored contempt of Congress charge against U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the use of executive privilege by Obama to bury all the documents pertaining to it. What was the purpose of the operation? It was twofold: If the DOJ discovered some information on the cartels, great, but either way it could trumpet to the media that U.S. gun manufacturers and registered U.S. gun dealers were responsible for killing people on both sides of the border, therefore bolstering the case for banning “assault” weapons. 

But back to the point of this story… 

Allowing Mexico to sue U.S. gun manufacturers out of existence for the criminal use of legal, non-defective products—products that should be used to protect our borders from the very terrorists they are allowing in—is an assault on the U.S. Constitution and American liberty itself. 

How do we combat it? We vote compromised Joe Biden and his socialist, anti-gun, anti-American cohorts out of office at every chance we get. 

Oh, and I have one more suggestion: Perhaps Mexico should focus on outing its corrupt leaders who are paid by the cartels to ensure the cartels remain in power. Just Google the name Garcia Luna if you need proof. In this way, maybe Mexico itself wouldn’t be such a third-world shithole that robs from its neighbor to the North at every chance it gets. But that will never happen. And you know what else will never happen? Mexico’s leaders will never allow its good citizens to legally own guns for personal protection. You know why? These “leaders” know there’s a better than good chance they’d be rounded up at gunpoint and dealt with in the plaza.

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