GUNs: Illegals over Americans

By Mr. Pink

On March 15, 2024, Obama-appointed Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman of the District Court for the Northern District of Illinois ruled that the federal prohibition on illegal immigrants possessing (and carrying) guns is unconstitutional.

At first glance, pro-2A people like us might cheer, thinking it a win for freedom in a historically anti-gun state. Afterall, logical folks might tend to believe that the new ruling, no matter how weird, would also apply to U.S. citizens. 

But a deeper dive reveals that the ruling is just more anti-American, pro-illegal alien bullshit from the radical left that’s designed to fundamentally change America’s social and economic systems by sowing chaos among society. Afterall, plenty of appeals by American citizens who were ensnared by Chicago’s draconian gun laws were denied.

I believe the precedent will not be applied to lawful Americans in Chicago and elsewhere who are under siege by an armed criminal element; it will remain very much illegal for U.S. and even Illinois citizens to possess, much less carry, a gun without an Illinois-mandated FOID (Firearms Ownership IDentification) card, something that the plaintiff of the case, criminal illegal immigrant Heriberto Carbajal-Flores, did not have. 

Most Americans believe that the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights apply to Americans, as indicated by the words “We the People.” That’s why illegal immigrants cannot legally vote, cannot legally hold office, cannot legally own a gun and cannot legally receive social security, for example. Giving a stake in America’s governing system to those without a vested interest in America could easily open the door to revolution. 

But thanks to certain anti-American members of Congress, the Biden Administration, radical NGOs and activist judges, illegal immigrants are increasingly—and unconstitutionally—being given that stake because revolution is exactly what these Marxists want. 

The double standard that weighs heavily in favor of non-Americans while in our country illegally is simply appalling. If you don’t believe so, just try crossing any border without a passport, failing to pay your taxes, or beating up a cop.

Unfortunately, the only way this can be stopped is by voting in leaders with America First policies who can then install judges, DAs and a DOJ who will guard America’s institutions rather than destroying them.    

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